Educational Academy

for product

Teach customers, employees, and partners
use your products and services effectively. Bring your identity to education and showcase the Academy consistent with your brand.

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Product onboarding

Teach customers
use your
products & services

Product Solutions The Academy offers an intuitive environment for onboarding your new and existing customers.

Your customers have all the product manuals in one place and your customer service will relax.

Employee onboarding

Train your employees

Guide your colleagues through the company and introduce them to your habits and corporate culture. Create study trips and events and watch your employees grow.

Take your business to the next level with corporate education.

Talent Pool

Find talent
before others

Create a student program that includes
the process from the interview, through a specific study trip to knowledge testing.

Bring together talented people with a natural interest in your topic in one place and get them before the competition.

Technologically perfect

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Customize the Academy's content and appearance completely to your liking or your brand.


Rely on MS Azure cloud and penetration tests.


We can handle tens of thousands of users and complex hirearchy.


Thanks to the constantly expanding reporting, you can monitor clear data about education.


We support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. xAPI & cmi5 support planned.


We offer the interface of all systems in several localizations, including the creation of content.

Mobile App

Study at the Academy via the mobile app on Android & iOS devices.

Teams Apps

Communicate and educate yourself from one place with the Scormium Teams App.

Be part of a new era of online education

Colleagues will introduce you to ways in which Scormium can benefit your particular situation.
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