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You're ready
to a proper
e-learning ride
with us?

We are united by trust, diligence and respect. We are not bound by processes or hierarchies. We will give you freedom - we expect you to complete your tasks perfectly. And after work - will you come with us for a drink?

The right role is missing?

Just because we don't currently advertise it doesn't mean we're not interested. Let us know what you enjoy about
and maybe together we will come up with a position tailored to you.

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Our Tech-stack

.NET Core
Azure Devops
Azure Pipelines
React Native

Will we become friends?

We are not looking for another worker for the money printer.
We build a corporate environment on trust, respect and long-term partnership.


We are not a fan of micromanagement.
We believe that each of us is doing our best for our common goal.


Each of us is different. But we try to treat each other with respect. No one is better or worse with us. We are individuals in one team.


We are honest with each other. What we think, we will say. What we promise, we will do.

What does recruitment look like?

Pavel Janeček
HR manager

At Scormium, my role is People Care. I will guide you from the first introductory call, through a personal meeting with fellow developers to the final Demo day.

I will also take care of you, the future colleague, afterwards. You can come to me with anything. I will be interested in how you are doing at work and what you plan to do at the weekend.


If you leave me a contact, we will contact each other by phone and see if we have the same tech stack and there are mutual sympathies. We are looking for the perfect #matchfor each other.


I'll share information about you with the team. When we agree that your profile looks promising, we'll meet in person or online and go into more technical detail.

Demo Day

You come to our office. We will have prepared a model assignment for you according to your focus. At the end of the day, we will evaluate your output. It is not important to have everything tip ťop - we are interested in your approach.

Will you accept the invitation to join us?

What we have for you:

Human approach and fair dealing
Flexible working hours – it's up to you when you feel comfortable working
Personal development - internal workshops, budget for individually selected courses, group English
Work from anywhere, anytime
Modern office on Křižíkova Street in Karlín with a garden in the courtyard
Ping-pong table
A refrigerator full of energy drinks, popsicles and other snacks
Pet-friendly and geek-friendly office
Regular Teambuilding - at least 1 per month we do something!
Hardware according to your needs (computer, monitors, headphones, etc..)

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