Learning Management System

online training

Easily add new users and courses, track and analyze data, create online and offline events, and easily manage the Academy via the LMS admin environment.

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Managing education from one place

Portal structuring

Educate centrally
from one environment

The LMS portal solution offers an intuitive environment for small and multinational businesses. Thanks to it, you can build a clear hierarchyexactly according to your needs, teams and specifics.

Interactive elearning & VR

No more clicking

Give your people a real educational experience. Enrich your
courses with quizzes, role-plays, virtual reality, or various
games and competitions. Scormium Studio offers interactive presentations with dozens of responsive templates.

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Study routes

Study Path to Effective Education

With Scormium LMS , you can easily create study paths from both e-learning courses and online & offline events. Study trips will help you create structure and order in the education of your students or employees.

Easy and traceable communication

No more endless chat threads. Create custom templates for individuals and entire teams and send them training notifications directly to the system, add an informative email, and then remind them of an upcoming event or the expiration date of a specific training license.

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Reward your people for education

Motivate users by collecting badges and points, let them compete amicably in the leaderboards and start a new era of education. Thanks to Gamification , you can increase interest, but also support the maintenance of studies.


Events in the online & offline world

Create online and offline events and educate your users quickly and efficiently. Users can register themselves or register them directly from the LMS and keep education under your thumb.

Offline: Create Spaces with capacities and let users fill them. Keep track of who has registered and confirm their participation.

Online: Scormium allows you to use proven services such as: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom using versatile settings .

Robust reporting

Get results
firmly under control

Reporting is the heart and head of the whole Scormio and this corresponds to its constantly developing new functions. View entire groups, as well as individuals, and their progress through Study Trips, Courses, and Events. Follow education and keep everything under control.

Retention & Microlearning

Maintain knowledge and know-how in your organization

Training that people don't enjoy or remember is a waste of energy, money and time.

Our ambassador, Simon Steffal, will help you set up the process of revision and knowledge testing.

He'll teach you to do it in a meaningful way.

Technologically perfect

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Customize the Academy's content and appearance completely to your liking or your brand.


Rely on MS Azure cloud and penetration tests.


We can handle tens of thousands of users and complex hirearchy.


Thanks to the constantly expanding reporting, you can monitor clear data about education.


We support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. xAPI & cmi5 support planned.


We offer the interface of all systems in several localizations, including the creation of content.

Mobile App

Study at the Academy via the mobile app on Android & iOS devices.

Teams Apps

Communicate and educate yourself from one place with the Scormium Teams App.

Be part of a new era of online education

Colleagues will introduce you to ways in which Scormium can benefit your particular situation.
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Don't know what to do?
Don't worry. We will be happy to advise you
Let's discuss it
Don't know what to do?
Don't worry. We will be happy to advise you
Let's discuss it