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Scormium LMS is an enteprise-grade learning platform that gives you all the tools you need to educate at scale. Create educational content effortlessly, engage students through interactive blended learning, and keep complete control over the training activities in real time. We offer a cloud-based, secure solution that seamlessly integrates with other systems.

Collage of images showcasing an online learning platform. Includes a woman on a laptop, a man using VR goggles, various course modules, logged user statistics, a welcome badge, and a competencies chart. Concepts include e-learning, engagement, and interactive blended learning.

Create Content Effortlessly

Create media-rich learning content quickly and easily using Scormium Studio, and personalize it through interactive study paths tailored to your learners and organizational needs.

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A digital collage featuring a person drawing on a whiteboard, a video play icon, and an interactive blended learning virtual reality environment with a VR headset on screen. Additionally, it includes an admin interface display with textual content and a diagram establishing groups by positions or other criteria.
An image showing a notification panel with three badges at the top for competition, first to complete, and new registration. Below, there are notifications about course assignment, earning a fastest study badge on an enterprise-grade learning platform, and an invitation to an online event.

Engage Learners

Design an engaging study environment, inspiring students to excel.

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Manage, Analyze & Report

Maintain full control by tracking real-time data from the education process for continual improvement and compliance.

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A laptop screen displaying a data dashboard with various charts and graphs. Among the visualizations are a pie chart, a line graph, and multiple bar graphs, showcasing different metrics and statistics. The interface is modern and user-friendly, perfect for interactive blended learning in an educational context.
An illustration featuring a shield with a fingerprint and a padlock, representing security and single sign-on. Surrounding the shield are certifications for GXP, ISO 27001:2014, and ISO 9001:2015. A password field and "Single Sign-On" text are also displayed, highlighting enterprise-grade learning platform standards.

Secure & Compliant

Keep your sensitive company data safe, while complying with all relevant regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Scormium and LMS systems

What is a LMS and LXP?

LMS stands for Learning Management System, representing a software that allows organizing and managing educational processes. LMS is used in various fields for training employees, business partners, and distributors. LXP is an advanced version of this solution, which includes additional functionalities such as Social Learning, i.e. learning from each other through collaboration, and community interactions.

How do users access Scormium?

Users can be added to the platform either manually one by one, or in bulk. For the latter option, integration with internal corporate systems (such as Active Directory) is possible, or a one-time import (e.g. from a document) can be performed. Alternatively, an open academy can be configured, allowing users to register themselves.

Is Scormium a secure platform?

Our company holds ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, is proud Microsoft Partner. Scormium LMS is also GxP validated, which means that Scormium complies with the exceptionally strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, the platform's stability is regularly checked through penetration tests.

What is the price of Scormium?

It depends on the number of users, as well as the need for integration with your systems and their complexity. For a precise calculation, please contact our sales team.

How long does it take to implement Scormium?

The time required for implementing Scormium depends on several factors, such as the readiness of the organization, requirements for integration with existing internal systems, or requests for designing the academy according to the client's visual identity. The average implementation, which includes a custom domain, courses, and a study environment tailored to the client's visual identity, can be completed within one month.

What is the maximum number of students in Scormium?

Scormium's advantage lies in its scalability. It can adapt to the needs of your company and grow with it. It can effortlessly handle data from hundreds of thousands of users.

What sets Scormium apart from other LMS systems?

Scormium stands out a competitive global solution. It excels in high scalability and its features, including content creation, organizing online and offline events, tracking students’ performance, integration with other systems, and excellent customer support.