Manage, Analyze & Report

Keep control of the entire educational process with unparalleled tools for managing, analyzing, and reporting.

A laptop displaying a dashboard with various widgets and charts. Surrounding the laptop are three separate charts: a pie chart showing 300 products, a line graph tracking user logins over time, and a bar graph depicting user activity metrics—all essential reporting tools for optimizing the educational process.


A strong feature of Scormium is its exceptional reporting, allowing you to track the study progress of individuals and entire teams.

A blurred table displaying a list of employees with columns including first name, last name, email, department, job title, and various status indicators. Cursor hovers over an option in a dropdown menu of one row, highlighting actions for that employee using intuitive management tools.
An organizational chart displaying the hierarchy under the CEO. Below the CEO, branches lead to Human Resources, Czech Republic (two branches), English Class, and two additional branches labeled A1 and A2. Each branch has icons representing people, illustrating the educational process within the organization.

User Groups

Establish a structured user hierarchy reflecting your organization. Create groups based on teams, locations, educational progress, and other specifics.


Easily determine who will have access to specific education, or make certain content available only upon request.

A digital interface shows various permissions with toggle switches. Some toggles are turned on, indicated by a cyan color, while others are turned off, shown in grey. Each toggle is associated with an icon representing different features or settings, essential for managing tools and the educational process.
Collage of images showing individuals engaging in online and physical learning activities. The images superimpose two event cards labeled "Advantages of Online Learning" and "Advantages of Physical Learning," featuring options to "Register" and "Detail," focusing on educational process management.

Event Management

Eliminate the time-consuming processes often required to register for an online and in-person events.

Study Paths

Tailor study plans for each student to meet the company’s needs while accommodating the users’ individual preferences.

A screenshot of a company onboarding portal displaying a checklist of orientation tasks. Each task includes a title, description, image, and status (Finished, Detail, Participated, or Not Participated). Tasks cover onboarding essentials, company culture, mentoring, team building, and managing tools.
A bar chart showing monthly expenses for a year, with a blue bar representing each month. The chart is labeled "Expenses in time" with options for different intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). Managing tools provide additional info boxes displaying total expenses and specific tags.


Get ready for an upcoming module that will soon provide comprehensive control over your education budget.

Test Results Evaluation

Analyze test results to ensure the quality of education, maintain desired knowledge standards, and establish benchmarks for excellence.

A test result evaluation form with various sections filled out, including areas for test scores, evaluation criteria, comments, and a final assessment. The layout is structured and detailed, indicating a thorough evaluation process.
An illustration depicting automatic notifications, represented by a mobile phone with notification icons popping out. The phone screen displays various notification bubbles, symbolizing the receipt of notifications for different events or messages.

Automatic Notifications

Remind your students to complete their courses or study paths on time through automated notifications. Also, keep them updated on newly added courses or upcoming events.


Administer all certifications within your organization. Design branded certificates and manage the conditions for their issuance, including setting and monitoring their validity.

Certificate displayed on a white wall. The certificates feature various designs and are neatly arranged in rows and columns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Scormium and LMS systems

What is a LMS and LXP?

LMS stands for Learning Management System, representing a software that allows organizing and managing educational processes. LMS is used in various fields for training employees, business partners, and distributors. LXP is an advanced version of this solution, which includes additional functionalities such as Social Learning, i.e. learning from each other through collaboration, and community interactions.

How do users access Scormium?

Users can be added to the platform either manually one by one, or in bulk. For the latter option, integration with internal corporate systems (such as Active Directory) is possible, or a one-time import (e.g. from a document) can be performed. Alternatively, an open academy can be configured, allowing users to register themselves.

Is Scormium a secure platform?

Our company holds ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, is proud Microsoft Partner. Scormium LMS is also GxP validated, which means that Scormium complies with the exceptionally strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, the platform's stability is regularly checked through penetration tests.

What is the price of Scormium?

It depends on the number of users, as well as the need for integration with your systems and their complexity. For a precise calculation, please contact our sales team.

How long does it take to implement Scormium?

The time required for implementing Scormium depends on several factors, such as the readiness of the organization, requirements for integration with existing internal systems, or requests for designing the academy according to the client's visual identity. The average implementation, which includes a custom domain, courses, and a study environment tailored to the client's visual identity, can be completed within one month.

What is the maximum number of students in Scormium?

Scormium's advantage lies in its scalability. It can adapt to the needs of your company and grow with it. It can effortlessly handle data from hundreds of thousands of users.

What sets Scormium apart from other LMS systems?

Scormium stands out a competitive global solution. It excels in high scalability and its features, including content creation, organizing online and offline events, tracking students’ performance, integration with other systems, and excellent customer support.