Release notes

Regularly updated list of incorporation changes ๐Ÿ’ก

With the new year, we wanted to make a big change, so we set about redesigning the player for uploading and then studying the tutorial packages. In addition, we also worked on a more user-friendly display of some specific components and worked intensively on new modules.
โ€You can read about all the essentials in the upcoming lines.
Brand new player
The biggest change this time is the study pack player. In practice, you won't notice anything, but you will be able to upload not only the existing SCORM format as admins. We've added the increasingly popular cmi5/xAPI, which allows you to track much more study data. For example, you can see the continuous progress of studying within the course, including its percentage, the exact time spent studying each lesson, and the answers for specific exercises and test questions.

You can get all this with courses created in the mentioned format. If you need technical support to learn more about its use, just book an online meeting through the Scormium Support Center to discuss specific ways xAPI points can be incorporated into your study content.
Setting the Academy logo for PWA
For clients who use the option to display the academy in PWA aka progressive web application, we now have the option to set the academy logo directly for this purpose in the Academy Settings under the General tab. You can crop the logo to your desired 1:1 aspect ratio or upload a more suitable one yourself.
The footer on the registration page? No problem.
The footer on the Academy's website has also been upgraded and can now be set for the login or registration screen. This will give users access to certain information before entering the academy. Simply tick this option in the Academy Settings under the Login or Registration tab as required. How can this new feature be used in practice? Links to documents public to all users, including necessary legal provisions such as the Privacy Policy, can be added to the footer. This is, among other things, one of the requirements for integrating the GoPay payment gateway.
Do you speak Romanian?
And then comes the linguistics window. Scormium now also speaks Romanian! As you know, it is no problem for our development team to add any other language. If needed, just make an appointment and we will deploy everything in the other language you want.
The activation page is already in the user's language each time
The second language improvement is more technical. In the deployed changes, we have also addressed cases where the language set for a specific user differed from the default language of the portal. So now even the activation page will speak to the user in the language set for them.
No results found
The sections on the home page are no longer completely empty. If there is a section on the home page that is not currently displaying anything (for example, it could be a list of courses), a message about not found items will appear under its name.
Along with the deployment of the mentioned player, we also caught a few flies that came our way.

It is worth mentioning a few other fixes to existing functionality. For example, the Portal manager can no longer set itself as a parent.

We also looked at exporting event dates, where the dates no longer appear as they should.

Also, the drop-down menu is now properly displayed in all possible views.

Oh, and in the Academy, in the Courses view, you can now filter a combination of required and simultaneously assigned courses.

As always, we remind you that bugs are not exactly our friends we'd love to keep around here. If one gets in your way too, feel free to reach out to our Bug Busters team via the Scormium Support Center and we'll have them professionally handled by now! Some we will deal with on the left, others tend to fight back, so please be patient. Rest assured, we'll deal with everyone!
We are also working intensively on the development of all additional modules.
At Budgeting, we obediently report that the expense records are already going into the test environment. We didn't give up, and we're attaching a couple of still hot screenshots from under the hood.
Revitalization of Reporting
We've expanded the reporting to include more columns and values , and now we're focusing on the functional side of things to make sure everything is calculated correctly.
Social Learning
We are certainly not falling asleep on the development of Social Learning either. We have designed, among other things, a news wall. At the same time, we are working on the first concepts for the complex functioning of this module, or laying a solid foundation on which we can build.
That you have a custom field? And can we see them?
We have a lot of plans for this year, not only in terms of product development. We'll definitely meet you at a few local conferences, which we'll keep you posted on our LinkedIn profile. You can also look forward to an even clearer website and some product videos soon.

And if you haven't read our extensive case study of our successful collaboration with Pilsner Urquell, we have a useful tip for your next afternoon coffee.

That's all for the first release of the year. We wish you many (not only) professional successes and stimulating studies in the academy.
We're not slowing down at the end of the year either, and we have a bounty of new features and improvements that Scormium definitely deserves. For example, you can look forward to combined events, participation control, and even more practical user import. And, of course, we've caught some bugs that have been sneaking into the system.

So sit back with a cup of delicious beverage and let's get to it!
Combined events
You no longer have to "pigeonhole" events as face-to-face or online. We've now added the ability to create combined events within the dates, which allows you to both specify the location of the in-person event and add a URL link to the online meeting for attendees who can't make it in person.
Friendlier user import
Bulk import of users is again a bit more user-friendly. The group selection in the template now reflects the default order from the administration and is limited to only those groups that can be assigned to those users.

The user import template has also received custom fields. You will find all types of these fields in it and a note in the header will tell you how to fill in the fields correctly.
Certificate IDs
For better registration of issued certificates, we now generate identification numbers for them. It is then up to you whether you use them only in the administration or whether you insert them into the issued certificates themselves. This option can be found in the certificate template editing in Studio as stamp %ID%. You can then find an overview of the assigned IDs in Reporting as a new ID column.
Roles in beautiful harmony
For those of you who have been assigned the roles of Supervisor and Portal Group Manager, you'll be glad to know that we've cleaned up the user display. As a Supervisor, you will now only see your subordinates in Users, while in Groups you will only see those groups for which you are listed as Portal Group Manager.
Details of emails in the dialog box
When displaying email details , you no longer have to struggle with text layout in a narrow pane. We've elegantly solved this problem by displaying them in a more user-friendly dialog box.
Participants under scrutiny
Event attendance confirmed with the corresponding date
If you have confirmed attendees at a past event, you may have noticed that the current date was written next to the confirmation. After consulting with our clients, we have instead set the confirmation to record the date corresponding to the date of the event.

Check for previous attendance

If an administrator is adding users to an event who have attended at least one of the previous dates of the event, they will now be notified. He can decide whether or not to add the participants to the new event date, or he can manually mark only those he wants to add.
And now let's take a look at the bugs that have been caught. Because life is always easier without them, so what are we gonna...
Wanted! Course image and expiry date
Sometimes it could happen that the image associated with a course disappeared the moment the course was added to the category. Now it stays nicely in its place and doesn't hide anywhere!

Similarly, we now have the expiration setting field back in the course and learning path configuration.
Course status in preview
In the Academy, we now show the Not started status, not Studied, in the details of courses that the user has not assigned. This status is automatically assigned to the course when it is assigned to a student.
The never-ending improvement of reporting
We obediently report that the reporting has gotten the localization it deserved.

Several of you have managed to create default reports that only we should be creating. We have removed this unwanted privilege and the default reports are now under the control of us as top managers.

In the Groups view for filtering by course, it may have happened that the number of users may not have matched. We've sorted those out as well and no extra souls will haunt you there.
Invoices in Czech and with neat VAT
The fields that are overwritten in the invoice have also been localized.
In the e-commerce module, we have added localization to the fields that are generated on invoices.
And we also fixed the rounding of the calculated VAT amount.
Groups can accommodate many, many users at once
We are proud to report that we have optimized the loading of larger amounts of data. For example, this may have "hiccupped" when you decided to add all users displayed on the list page to the group at once . So there's no limit to the number, add them in by the hundreds.
SSO login at course signing
Signing in via SSO (i.e. single sign-on) will no longer restrict you from signing courses. Just because your organisation has SSO does not mean you cannot choose how you sign up. Because you want to, right! So, to put this in order:
- If you are set to sign-on exclusively through SSO, the system will redirect you directly.
- If you do not have this restriction set, you can choose between signing on through SSO or signing on in Scorpio.
- Oh, and if you are set to Scormium login only, the system will open a dialog box for you to enter your login credentials.

As always, we remind you that bugs are not exactly our friends that we would love to keep around here. If one gets in your way too, feel free to contact our Bug Busters team via the Scormium Support Center and we'll deal with them professionally! Some we will deal with on the left, others tend to fight back, so please be patient. Rest assured, we'll deal with everyone!
Take a look under the hood of development with us!
This time we are not going to hide what we cook for you.
We are working hard to ensure that you will soon be able to manage your training costs directly in the system. These days, we're closing the last round of comments on the visual appearance and moving behind the scenes. If all goes as expected, you can look forward to this big news in late January and early February!
The next gentleman to shave is a player who is already heading for testing. The user will not be able to see anything, but things will be happening in the background! The deployment will allow you to run even larger SCORM packages, record xAPI points and much more.
One step further on the road to Social Learning
Social Learning has entered the final phase of analytical preparations. We won't bother you with all the technicalities (at least for now), but what you can look forward to is the upcoming possibility of defining your own custom roles.
We actively consult with clients on Talent & Skills
The originally outlined Talent & Skills module has been organically divided into 3 modules within the analytical phase, namely Assessment, followed by Talent & Skills, and the comprehensive concept will be completed by Performance Management. We are now developing the content of the individual modules in more depth.

If you are also interested in contributing your opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation or feedback. We will be happy to discuss everything!
That you have a custom field? And can we see them?
If you are still hesitant about what you would actually use the custom field for, we would like to summarize a few examples for you.

When registering for an event, you may be interested in the region of the participants, their age composition, or even their clothing size or shoe number if the planned event will involve the purchase of fitted clothing.
In the case of user accounts, you may find it useful to record some employee data from the HR system. Here too, you can help yourself with just the custom fields we've newly added to user creation.

However, there are no limits to the use and you will find out for yourself what these fields are most useful for.
Academy website only for the selected
We would also like to inspire you that you can only set up individual Academy pages for certain user groups.

If your academy is also available in the free version and then after login, you can diversify what content is available before login.

However, more often than not, you will use content segmentation by user group. For manual workers, simple information related only to their job description will certainly be useful, while development plans and learning paths are already relevant for higher-level job types. Top management, on the other hand, will not be as interested in manuals and handbooks.

So think about who the information on each academy website is really aimed at and don't be afraid to play around with accessibility by relevant groups. After all, the goal is clear content and a personalised approach to individual students.
Let's get together
Well, if you're not already connected on LinkedIn, now is the time! We made an early New Year's resolution to be much more active on the networks, so it would be a shame not to meet you there. Don't worry, though, we'll recap all the most important news in the next newsletter.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and, after all our news, more presents under the tree.
What's it going to be this time? Again, we've made improvements to Reporting, added new Certification options, and looked at the design of the Login Screens.

, as you're used to, you'll find out what we're "cooking up" for you in Development, and finally you can read what we've fixed.
The Never Ending Story - Reporting
Those of you who read the News regularly know very well that Reporting is an endlessly evolving business. We've made a Gift Basket full of Reporting customizations for you, let's take a look inside this colorful basket.
In view: Users--> X
- New column "Colleague in groups" in the Users view (this lists the groups in which the user is listed as a colleague)
In the views: Groups--> Courses โ”‚ Categories--> Courses
- Renamed column from "Users" to "Viewed by users"
In the view: Product Categories--> Users, Courses
- Added columns from other views
In View: Groups--> Users
- Modified recalculation of data in case of filtering specific users
- Modified recalculation of number of users in case of filtering specific products
- Modified recalculation of data in case of filtering parent
In view: Courses--> Users
- Modified data recalculation in case of filtering of parent
Optimized search across views. Now data is always updated.
Fixed "Save report status"button. The button no longer glows highlighted even when no change has been made.
Added column for Odds:
(shows what categories the product is from)
โ€"Experience Points" (shows the experience points in the course)
(Please note that Scormium can only track these points if it is an xAPI/cmi5 course and the course is set, to send these points)

The recalculation of progress in the Learning Path has been optimized and improved

Modified the export of Reports so that dates are listed in the table as a date, not text.
One more filter closer to victory
Sometimes it only takes a little to be happy, as in this case. We have added the ability to filter the Users and Courses details in the table by status. You now have the option to quickly sort who has not completed a course in the course details, for example. Or for a user, filter the courses they have completed. We will leave the process up to you.
Certificates better than ever
In the last News you could read that we are going to offer the possibility to get more certificates for one Product. You'd be surprised, it's already here...yes, that's right, you can already use this feature on your portal. Let's break it down a bit more so you can get the setup right.
Certificates - Move
For greater clarity, we have moved the Certificate Configuration in the product details to a separate tab. Previously, you could set the certificate in the "Configuration" tab. This is no longer the case. Now you can find the certificates in the "Certificate Configuration" tab.
Certificates - How to obtain
As an Administrator, you are now able to configure the various ways in which a user can obtain a Certificate.
1. For completion - You already know this one well. The user must complete all required parts of the course
2. By Percentage - The administrator sets the percentage of the test score at which the Certificate will be issued
3. By score - Please note that this option only works if the package is an xAPI/cmi5 package
*If you would like to learn more about xAPI/cmi5 course support, please contact our Support team.
Certificates - Adding Certificates
Until now, it was only possible to have one certificate, but that is changing. If you want to take advantage of the option to set up multiple certificates, you can do so using the "Add Certificate" button. This will add another box to your configuration, which you can set as you like.

You can scale the percentage of certificates for Users in this way. For example, a user who scores 70% on a test will get a Bronze certificate, if they complete the test at 80% they will get a Silver certificate and at 90% they will get a Gold certificate. If you want to certify with only one Certificate, you can use the cross in the box to remove the other Certificates and leave only one.
Certificates - Quick overview of Certificate Holders
Since we know that Certificates are a very important topic for many companies, we decided to make this responsibility a bit easier for you and next to the Certificate Configuration tab you will find another tab called "Certificate Holders". This simply serves as a quick overview of the users who own the certificate and whether it is still valid for them.
Certificates - Details of the certificates themselves
We have made a small change in the list of all Certificates. Since each Certificate is linked to a specific Product (Course, Event, Category), we are now using this linkage. If you click on a detail in the list of Certificates, we will instead open the detail of the Product to which the Certificate is linked. This allows you to easily set up the Certificate from different views.
Login, Register, ... Forget your password in the new design
In order to improve responsiveness and "modernize", we have changed the skeleton of the landing pages (Login, Registration, etc.). Before we get into listing the changes, we want to assure you that we have reviewed all of your Academies and made changes to keep your design as much as possible while improving responsiveness - to achieve - the best possible experience for your users.

The change is fairly simple. We've now split the screens imaginatively into two halves. The left part is informational - here you can change the image and texts. The right part, on the other hand, is for the login itself, where users already fill in the details. Now you'll be able to change the image and text on each page separately, allowing even more options to customize your Academy. A little icing on the cake is then the ability to keep these two halves in the middle of the screen or stretched across the screen. For examples, you can see the images below.
(For clients using SSO login to the Academy, this change will not be visible. However, we have arranged and supported the change for these clients.)
In Academy Settings --> Login & Registration --> Individual Sections, you can set any image you want.

If you want to set up sections, you go to Academy Settings --> Localization and search for "Login" and add your texting to "Title" and "Text". Then do the same for the Registration page.
If you have any questions about these changes, be sure to contact our Support Center.
So, what are the boys in Scorpio cooking...
Social Education? We'll work on the name
The analytical and design work on the large Social Learning module is still in progress . At the moment we can't release information yet, but hopefully you will know more very soon. Keep your fingers crossed, we're up to something really big...
xAPI/cmi5 ... we meet again
We are still working on this possibility. We are getting closer to achieving a way to use xAPI/cmi5 courses with us. Once we're sure everything is working, we'll keep you posted here in the News.
Even small adjustments can make a big spectacle
We're continually improving and tweaking Scormium to make the experience better and better with every update. We will definitely continue to do so. We take your questions and feedback very seriously and want to deliver the best environment for you and your users. Expect to see more minor but useful changes in future updates .
The mobile app is on the tour
This time we cleverly hid it in the Reporting enhancements, where several fixes and adjustments were made. You won't find anything here today...
We want to assure you that we carefully analyze all bugs or comments you send to the Scormium Support Center and try to solve them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some issues are more complex and require more time to fix and test properly.

Thank you for your patience!
This time we cleverly hid it in the Reporting enhancements, where several fixes and adjustments were made. You won't find anything here today...
We want to assure you that we carefully analyze all bugs or comments you send to the Scormium Support Center and try to solve them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some issues are more complex and require more time to fix and test properly.

Thank you for your patience!
We have reached another milestone. As some of you know, Sense4code, the company that develops and operates Scormium, is ISO certified and a Microsoft partner.

But did you know that Scormium is freshly GxP validated?

Yes it is. Scormium is again a more secure platform. Some of the main requirements of GxP validation include ensuring the security and integrity of the data stored on the platform, 24/7 system availability, functional data backup, regular maintenance and updates to the platform to meet current regulatory requirements and much more.
GxP validation can be mostly relevant when an organization uses or wants to use Scormium for employee training in areas such as pharmaceutical or other industries (food, drug, medical device, chemical, life sciences, etc.) where GxP requirements are important for safety, quality and regulation of the work environment.
We're back, but with new rules. We've gotten some opinions from you on this News and your voices will be heard. We plan to update you sooner and more regularly so you can keep up to date with what's going on in Scorpio. At the same time, we'll be putting more emphasis on explaining new functionality using both text and graphics. Now we'll move on to what each of you have been waiting for... what those guys at Scormio have cooked up again.

This News will focus primarily on one change we've been making for you on a regular basis - Improved Academy responsiveness. Next, we'll present what we've been working on for a long time, and finally you can read what we've managed to fix for you.
Option to create your own menu
At Scormio, we are aware that more and more users want to study on mobile devices and we definitely want to meet them. That's why this time we've focused on how to make the Academy experience even better on mobile. Over time, you may have noticed that we have added things like the Hamburger menu or the ability to download the Academy as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) that we mentioned in the last News (23.09). Both of these changes have helped to improve the experience on mobile devices.
Before we get into the list of changes, we want to point out that some parts of the Academy may look different than before. These are minor adjustments, however, that needed to be made for better responsiveness. Not to worry, our team has worked hard to keep the Academy designs as much as possible while taking their responsiveness to a new and better level.
Improved menu
As you already know, you can now build your own Academy menu. But what if you have a lot of elements or long names that don't fit in the menu? Don't worry, we've thought of everything and have auniversal solution for everyone. A new feature that the menu can do is to group elements into a drop-down menu. Simply put - if the screen is already too small to display everything, the menu will start to gradually cluster elements into a drop-down menu. For an example, you can take a look at the graphic below.
Sections on the Home Page
The individual sections - e.g. New courses, Assigned courses, etc. are modified so that the user can now move side ways in them using the arrows. This modification will not only allow you to have more elements in these sections, but also on mobile devices will allow users to better move side to side using finger movement.
Modified all Product sections
Courses, Events, Tutorials, ... everything has been adapted to make the time spent in the Academy as enjoyable as possible. Specifically, we focused on better element wrapping, filtering and category display. For a better idea, you can check out the comparison below.
Minor adjustments across the Academy
We also focused on the smaller icing on the cake, which in the end gives a much better impression of the Academy. These include icon changes, button modifications, colour changes and much more.
Individual adjustments by the Academy
Some Academies are very specific in their design, so our team had to focus on these cases as well. So each Academy was checked and modified separately to preserve its uniqueness.
But the responsiveness improvements don't stop there. We will continuously work on further improvements for a better user experience.
If you encounter any problems with the responsiveness or design of your Academy, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team.
Is it Social? Is it Learning? ... it's Social Learning
Unparalleled and revolutionary? Yes, this is our Social Learning, which we are currently analysing and inventing for you. We have already had first meetings with some of you, which have given us valuable feedback and your real needs, which we are now working out in the analysis. Thank you for helping us to be the best in the field of learning platforms. We are still at the beginning of Social Learning, but we will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this part of the Scormium platform.
SCORMium...or soon xAPIum, cmi5ium?
We have been informing you about the new option - to record and play courses in xAPI/cmi5 format - for some time now, and unfortunately it's a tougher nut to crack than we thought. However, even tougher nuts won't stop us! Despite some difficulties, we are finalizing a way to use xAPI/cmi5 courses with us. Once we are sure that everything works, you can look forward to the new possibilities that these formats open up for us.
Reporting - always ready for further adjustments
We are planning another series of modifications and improvements to reporting. New columns, texting or data calculation are other things to look forward to in the coming weeks. Once again, our team is taking Scormium Reporting to the next level - and we're not stopping there - you have a lot to look forward to!
More, more, more Certificates
Our team is preparing a very useful functionality for you, the possibility to get more certificates per Product. What could this be used for, you ask? For example, you can create a tiered certificate - Bronze, Silver and Gold. This way, you'll be able to certify your users while supporting them on their journey to higher education. In addition, the administrator will be able to set up different ways to obtain these certificates.
1) For completion - You already know this one well. The user must complete all required parts.
2) By percentage - The administrator will set at what percentage of completion the Certificate will be issued.
3) By points - Please note that this option only works if the package is an xAPI/cmi5 package.
*If you would like to learn more about xAPI/cmi5 course support, please contact our Support team.
Better and Better Events
Work is underway to improve events, not only will there be the ability to create the hybrid term we mentioned earlier, but you will also be able to create a recurring event. This will not only allow for easier administration, but it also opens a new door for you to educate your users on a regular basis.
Mobile app comes to life
Don't worry... we haven't forgotten. We're currently working on fixing the app so that everything works as it should. At the same time, we'll be adding minor design tweaks to make the app environment even closer to your brand. Once the app modifications are complete, an update will be available on Google Play or the App Store.
This time the list of bug fixes is short, ...but isn't that a good thing?
- We fixed a bug that could cause badges from Gamification to not load in the Academy

- We fixed the loading of special characters in the Academy localizations

If you find any problems or have an idea for improvement, be sure to contact the Scormium Support Center, where all your questions will be answered.
We told ourselves that we are here primarily to enable you to educate yourself. That's why today we're going to try to educate you.
Did you know that Microlearning exists?

Microlearning is a modern approach to education that involves providing short, easily digestible learning materials. These materials usually last only a few minutes and focus on a specific topic or skill. Microlearning allows you to focus on the most important information and skills, making it ideal for busy employees who have limited time for traditional training. For example, you are able to arrange microlearning in Scorpio using Tutorials or Manuals. The kind of Social Learning we are planning for you will be perfect for this kind of training.

To wrap things up nicely, here's an example of Microlearning:

1) Seahorses bond for life, and when they travel, they hold on to each other's tails.
2) Turritopsis nutricula - The immortal jellyfish is the only species known to live forever.
3) Koala fingerprints are so indistinguishable from humans that they sometimes cause confusion at crime scenes.
4) Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year by forgetting where they placed their acorns.
5) The elephant is the only animal that cannot jump.
What a beautiful example of Microlearning. You learned several "facts" about the animal world in just a moment.

Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
next Release notes, a regular summary of Scormio news, are here. What will you read about this time? You can now customize the navigation menu in the Academy platform, install Academy shortcuts on your device's desktop, we've also developed Customizable User Fields, and much more.
Option to create your own menu
To better tailor the Academy to the needs of your students, you can now create your own menu in the administration and determine the order of its items. The customization options apply to both the main navigation menu and the user menu, which appears when you click on the Academy profile on the right side along with the student's profile picture. In addition, you can set which page will be displayed as the homepage in this section.

These functionalities can be found in the Academy Settings section, where a new Menu tab has been created. Here, in two columns, you can edit either the Private Academy menu, which only logged in users can see, or the Public Academy menu, which everyone can see. Within each column, you can create menu items, stack them in any order, or click on the picture of the house to specify which page will be displayed as the Homepage.
Showing the correct answers in the test evaluation
When scoring tests created in our Studio, have you ever had to keep track of whether students answered questions correctly or incorrectly? You don't have to. We've improved the display in the Other - Test Scoring section where you check the answers in the administration, so you can check if they are correct right away. This is one more reason to create tests mostly in Scormio.
Customizable fields for users
A practical change that will make the interface easier to navigate is the new ability to add arbitrary fields to users. Thanks to them, you can add any information to each user. These fields offer additional sets of settings, such as the ability to display them in the Academy or during registration, etc. You can choose from single select, multiselect, text, date, or date and time formats. This functionality can be found in the navigation menu of your administration under the name Custom Fields.
Practical applications:
For example, you need to keep track of whether users have completed mandatory driver training. Therefore, you create a custom single select field called "Driver training" with yes/no answer choices. You will then see this field in the details of all users where you can select the answer. This field can also be set up in such a way that users in the Academy will also see it, or that it will be visible in reporting.
Displaying Academy Pages only for certain groups of people
Scormio users already routinely create new Pages where they can, for example, add terms and conditions or rules for using the platform. From now on, it is also possible to set this section to be displayed in the Academy only to a specific group of users. This functionality also applies to system pages such as Courses, Events, or Manuals.

The display settings can be found in the Pages detail, under the Groups tab. Here, you simply click on the specific groups of users to whom the respective Page should be displayed.
Quick access to Scorpio
A new feature in Scormio is the implementation of PWA (Progressive Web Application). This is a functionality that allows you to create a representative of the Academy on your desktop or phone and then access it quickly. This functionality saves time that the user would otherwise spend on lengthy searches for the Academy in the browser.
PWA installation in Google Chrome desktop:
1. Open your Academy in Google Chrome.
2. Go to the website of the PWA you want to install.
3. Click on the three dots in the top right and select "Install App" or click on the screen icon in the address bar.
PWA installation in Safari on iOS:
1. Open your Academy in Safari.
2. Click the Share button.
3. Scroll down and select "Add to Desktop" from the drop-down menu.
4. Enter a name for the PWA and click the "Add" button.
Install in Google Chrome on mobile devices:
1. Open your Academy in Safari.
2. Click the Share button.
3. Scroll down and select "Add to Desktop" from the drop-down menu.
4. Enter a name for the PWA and click the "Add" button.
New tab with links
In the administration you can also find a new section Links, where you can store any URLs, whether internal or external, and then insert them into the navigation menu. When you click on this link in the Academy, you will be redirected to the appropriate address.
New Localization section
We have removed the option to localize text from the Settings section and created a brand new section called Localization. Here, in addition to the original functions, you can also search localizations, import or export them, either for translation purposes or to create a backup. To make the section easier to navigate, we have also implemented grouping and color coding: red - missing localization or yellow - localization is identical to the default settings.
Improved creation of custom Pages
In the past, it was necessary to edit Pages using a WYSIWYG editor, which was not very intuitive and had limited functionality. Our custom editor, which we have now implemented in Scormio, will offer you easier use. The ability to position images and text, embed videos, or even entire embedded content from other pages is retained.
Moving the Academy Settings section
The settings of individual Pages have been moved from the general Academy Settings section to the details of individual system pages (Courses, Events, Home, Categories, Tutorials, Manuals, Gamification, etc.). So now it will always be at your fingertips without having to click through to another section.
Easier orientation in Events
The Events tab in the administration now makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Each event now displays a code in the Events overview that allows you to quickly find the specific item.
Clearer Study Paths
A new feature of the redesign is the improved display of course groups in the Academy Learning Paths. This will make the learning path more clear even if the group contains multiple courses at once.
Removing the built-in provider from Events
Historically, it has been possible to create Events in Scorpio with the built-in BigBlueButton provider. However, this was not used much by companies. Therefore, we have removed this option and kept only the box where users can insert any URL.
Social Learning
We are currently in the process of gathering input from our clients and the module is the largest our Scormio analysts have ever developed. This is the so-called "social learning", i.e. a social platform that will be part of the Academy. Thanks to it, you will be able to share news, communicate within groups, post tips and tricks, use discussion forums and so on. We are currently analysing the first suggestions and ideas. If you are interested in learning more about this news, please feel free to contact us via the form on the Support page.
Player upgrades
Furthermore, our developers are preparing a new player that will allow to run xAPI formats. This will allow us to work with more parameters than the SCORM package contains, specifically for example gamification data, user progress, etc.
Responsiveness of the Academy
We are also slowly finalizing the responsiveness of the whole Academy. From the next release you can look forward to improved optimization for all mobile devices.
Enhance course preview
Finally, we are preparing an enhancement that will allow you to embed videos as product previews. This video will then be able to be played in the Academy in the product detail.
See a list of bugs you won't encounter in Scorpio anymore
In addition to the development of new features, as always, we have been working on fixing some imperfections. You can see the list of bugs that you won't find in Scorpio anymore below:
- When clicking through to the main Academy page from the Developed Courses section, the user was redirected to all courses

- When activating the paid courses option, the following could happen, that the full course settings were not displayed

- Some tabs in the reporting lacked text localization
- The "Product Highlights" section was not displayed on the main Academy page

- The display of recommended courses in the Academy was different from the other course tabs

- The Academy learning path ratings were not displayed
โ€ the Academy and the administration, can you contact support?
In the bottom right corner of both interfaces, just click on the button where you can choose between two options - "Report a problem" or "Suggest improvements". After clicking on one of the options, you will be redirected to a separate page where you will be able to create a request. In case you report a bug, always remember to include a detailed description including a picture. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email notification. We try to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
Once again we bring you another Release Notes, a summary of news from Scormio. This time we have made a number of improvements to the platform, especially to the display of categories, data filtering, and certifications. As usual, you can also read what our plans are for the future.
Display product categories only for certain groups of people
The new platform allows you to set a certain group of users to see only certain product categories, regardless of what else is in that category. This will ensure that your students are not overwhelmed with unnecessary information.
Step-by-step form for event dates
When creating an event date, we replaced the sidebar with a step form. This is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also much more user-friendly.
Number of courses in product categories
We've added a new metric to the product categories that shows how many courses are in that category, which makes it much easier to navigate the app. In addition, we plan to add more metrics in the future that will provide additional information about the number of other products.
Filter memory
The app will now remember the filters that users have already used. It will no longer be necessary to enter them repeatedly when clicking through the interface.
Category filter
You can now filter events, tutorials and guides by category. This makes it quick and easy to find the content you are interested in.
Adjustments to invoices
All generated invoices will now contain the Company Name, Company ID, Tax ID and Address for clarity. In addition, invoice amounts will be rounded to two decimal places only.
Certificates for the whole category
Users will now be able to receive a certificate not just for individual courses or events, but also for completing entire categories. This will make it possible to document learning progress more logically and motivate users to develop further.
Hybrid events
Our developers are still working on the ability to add hybrid Event dates, i.e. dates that users can attend both online and offline.
Player upgrades
Also in the process is the announced upgrade of the player that runs the courses. It should now also be able to play files in xAPI format. In addition, you can look forward to an improved design and adaptation to mobile viewing.
See a list of bugs you won't encounter in Scorpio anymore
In addition to the development of new features, as always, we have been working on fixing some imperfections. You can see the list of bugs that you won't find in Scormium anymore below:
- Searching in the modal window of categories not working

- Unwanted automatic setting of the license subscription length to 30 days when assigning a course in a group

- Not displaying long descriptions for course categories in the LMS
- Unwanted automatic logging out of users from events if they didn't have editing rights and the event had a filled in code
...Scormium has a Manuals section?
This serves as a place where you can save files in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx formats and then use them as downloadable materials. For example, you can upload company guidelines here, or create a library of documents, manuals, etc.
To start using the section, you need to enable it in the Academy Settings. Here, select Pages, go to Manuals, and enter Enable Manuals. Once successfully activated, you will find this section in the Academy menu, where it can be managed and used by users under the Products tab in Administration.

Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
after about two weeks we bring you again the traditional Release notes, i.e. a summary of news from Scormium. During the last two weeks we have added new date entry options, improved the platform's responsiveness on mobile devices or fixed translation issues, for example. Read on to find out what news we have in store for you and what our plans are for the future.
Variability of data formats
We have added new options for writing dates that appear on issued certificates. Instead of the previously only option of 1/30/2023, you can now also use entries in the 1/30/2023 or January 30, 2023 format.
Menu for mobile devices
In order to improve the responsiveness of the platform on tablets and mobile devices, we have replaced the classic menu with the so-called hamburger menu, i.e. a hidden navigation that appears after pressing an icon/button.
Optimization of language mutations
In the past, the Academy may have experienced problems with translations where different languages were mixed within a single page. Since we have refactored the loading throughout the system, this situation can no longer occur.
Player upgrades
Our developers are upgrading the player that launches the courses. Now you can also play xAPI format files. In addition, you can look forward to an improved design and adaptation to mobile viewing.
Locations in the Academy
We are in the process of modifying the Academy settings, where we will now allow import and export of localizations. In addition, there will be a localization settings section that will be separate from the functionality settings.
Customizable fields for users
A practical change that will make the interface easier to navigate in the future will be the ability to add arbitrary fields to users. Thanks to them, you will be able to add any note to each user. These fields will offer additional sets of settings, such as the ability to display them in the Academy or during registration, etc.
Site Accessibility
The Academy is also related to the plan to allow the display of Pages, i.e. courses, tutorials, guides and gamifications, as well as pages tailored just for users from certain groups.
See a list of bugs you won't encounter in Scorpio anymore
In addition to the development of new features, this time we also worked on fixing some minor imperfections. You can see the list of bugs that you won't find in Scormium anymore below:
- Bug in Scormium Editor that incorrectly loaded edited content

- Information in exported data of Event reports didn't load

- A number of minor bugs in reporting:
- Broken search in modal windows of groups and superiors
- Missing columns in courses - users view:
- Activation and Completion Dates
- Required Completion Dates
- Course Expiration
- Failure to recalculate statistics when filtering by user status at all levels
- Inability to manually import deactivated users within a group by the event date
...Scormium has a Tutorials section?
It serves as a place where you can publish your short instructional videos, tips from practice or even recordings from events. You can upload them directly to Scormium or embed them via a link.
To start using the section, you need to enable it in the Academy Settings. Here, select Pages, go to Tutorials and enter Enable Tutorials. Once successfully enabled, you will find this section in the Academy menu under the Products tab in Administration.

Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
After a long time, we would like to inform you again about the news in Scormium. This time we focused on improvements to Categories and tagging options. Details of the changes can be found in the text below.
Academy and Administration
Unification of Categories
Until now, navigating the Product Categories could be difficult for users. There were different Categories for Courses, Study Tours, Guides, and Tutorials than for Events. This has changed after the update and now you will find the same Categories for all Products.
Assigning Categories to Pages by Content
For the sake of clarity, we have more logically linked the Product and Category pages in the Academy. For example, on the Events page you will now only see categories that contain Events, and on the Courses page you will only see categories with courses and so on.
Classification of tags
With filters, users can view content by tags that represent product characteristics. These tags now have their own Categories. This allows the user to more precisely select the content they want to work with.
How can you work with tags?
For example, you can create a group of tags in the administration to represent the level of difficulty (basic, advanced, master, etc.) or a group related to the type of skill (communication, business, management, etc.). You will then see these groups in the Academy as two filters that contain these tags.
To use tags, you must enable this functionality. You can do this in the Academy Settings in the Pages section. Here in the menu you will find subsections Courses, Events, Tutorials, or Guides. In the appropriate subsection, check "Show tag filter".
Interested in what else we are currently working on?
Our developers are now working on functionality that will allow to limit the range of users to whom the Product categories are displayed.

They are also working on the possibility to add hybrid Event dates, i.e. dates that users can attend both online and offline.

We are working on a more user-friendly Academy experience on mobile devices, for example on the implementation of a hamburger menu.
See a list of bugs you won't encounter in Scorpio anymore
In addition to developing new features, we have also been working on fixing some of the imperfections we found in the platform. These were:
- Errors in displaying exported mandatory course data in reports

- Ability to add deactivated users to event dates

- Errors in some layout views in Academy
Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
After about two weeks we bring you another summary of the Scormium updates we have published in the last few days. In addition to the new data filtering options, you can look forward to new features that will make it easier to navigate or control, as well as many other functionalities. Read on to find out what new features we have in store for you and what plans we have for the future.

In the image below you can see a summary of the highlights.
Filter panel location
Until now, the filter control panel in Scormium has been displayed in the top centre. Now you can also move it to the left side for your convenience.
We've also changed the filters in the top middle so that the "Filter" button expands another menu of criteria by which you can sort the results.
You can work with this type of filters in each of the sections separately, so that in Tutorials, Manuals, and Events, you can have a preset view to suit your needs.
Clearer signpost
In the past, users had two separate pages in which they could view either just the categories or just the courses that were assigned to them. For simplicity, we have now created a single page that combines both of these reports. On the Courses page, the user now not only sees a list of all courses, but also has the option to click through to other categories above them. The principle is actually similar to what users are used to, for example, in large e-shops.

You can activate this view in the Academy Settings. From here, go to Pages, then Courses and Enable Courses. Here, tick Show main filter and Show main categories. If you're not sure how to set this up, our Support team can also help you.
A new way of expressing evaluation
Among other things, we have also modified the way in which the assessments are recorded in the Academy. Instead of a percentage (e.g. 80%, 59%), we now display it in a new and clearer e-commerce-oriented format (e.g. 4.6, 5.0).
Image size unification
To achieve a consistent look across Academy sections, we have adjusted the image sizes. They are now all the same size in the preview.
Filtering by category
Until now, the LMS administration allowed to filter Products by only one category. Now you can select multiple categories at once in the panel menu.
Group hierarchy arrangement
In the past, the administration within the group list allowed you to move entire structures just by grabbing the mouse. Because of this, users often accidentally rearranged the entire hierarchy without meaning to. For this reason, we have added a check-box to the overview, without checking it, the groups cannot be moved in any way.
Icon for compulsory courses
In Administration, users may notice a new icon in the list of courses that indicates required courses.
Report owner visibility
In the past, it was not possible to identify the owner of foreign reports. Now, anyone with an administrator role in the system can see it.
View detail with icon
The last small new feature in the Administration is also the possibility to click through the "Users" or "Courses" icon to the tab detail. This detail should also make it easier for users to use and navigate the interface.
Interested in what else we are currently working on?
Our developers are currently collecting data and preparing to improve the learning paths environment.

They are also focusing on Categories, where they are going to adjust the layout, display, assignment method and other features.

Of course, there are other smaller optimizations and adjustments planned as well.
In addition to developing new features, we have also spent the last two weeks fixing imperfections we found in the platform. Specifically:
- Fixing several localization bugs

- Fixing a bug that could block the "Register" button in a modal window

- Adjusting the Academy search to show more relevant data

- Fixing a bug where if two modal windows occurred, both windows would close instead of one

- Fixing a bug, that caused the parent group name to be displayed incorrectly

- Fixed a bug that could prevent a user from clicking through from the administration to the configuration section

If you find any issues or have ideas for improvement, be sure to contact the Scormium Support Center for answers to your questions.
...we recently enabled virtual reality integration in Scorpio?
The first to use the new functionality was Virtual Lab, a company that has long specialized in this type of content.
So now our clients can not only add virtual courses to their learning journeys, but as with other types of content, they can also track the overall learning benefit.
Our Support team is ready to help you set up your system and ensure that your online education runs as smoothly as possible.
The team said that we will try to release another update within two weeks after v23.03. After "ERROR: too many coffees" appeared on the coffee machine's display, we figured it wouldn't be quite that simple. How did it turn out? You're reading the News right now, so we'll leave you to it and go fix the coffee maker...
- - - No time to wait, it's a blast...
We're fully aware that Studio doesn't get tweaks and changes that often, so we thought we'd change that. Well, at least for now for April...

We've made three changes to Studio:

- Completely new view for creating lesson presentations
- Improved test display

- Improved exports and display of scale questions in questionnaires

These changes have been made in Studio, but you'll feel a lot of them in Administration and Academy. Let's break them down a bit more one by one.
- - - Certificates
Certificates have been a minor thorn in the side for some time - on the otherwise perfect little flower called Scormium. We figured if we're going to make a change, we might as well start from the ground up.
Where to start...we changed the behavior, display, attribution, reporting, editing, added templates, ... well, we'd better take it one step at a time.

โ€If youwould like to enable this functionality, please contact our Support Team.
- - Certificates - Studio
A brand new feature is the Certificate Templates. These templates serve as visualization and design for each certificate. The templates are created in the Studio in the Products section. You then publish the created templates to your portals.
All design is done through our editor where you set the background, colors, headings and text templates.
You may already know text templates from the Administration when creating email templates. This is a feature where the system fits the necessary information into the text template when generating certificates.

For example:
%PRODUCT_NAME% = Product Name
%CREATED_DATE% = Certificate Creation Date
%EXPIRATION_DATE% = Certificate Expiration Date

With this feature, each generated certificate will be automatically populated for each user.

We know that our clients often have their certificates ready long ago, and the thought of "redoing everything" in our Studio will scare even a seasoned user. We have a tip for you to make this job easier.

In our editor we have a background setting feature in which you can change the color or add an image. We recommend that you upload your certificate design as a background image in our editor and then just add the text templates in the right places.

Simple, right?
Of course, the template has its own settings - they are very simple.

Template name - Name for better orientation in the Administration
Code - Unique code for better orientation
Type - The type of template is very important. This type determines which products you can then link the template to. For an example, let's choose the Course type. I am now only able to associate the Course type template to courses in Administration. If I decide that I want to associate a Certificate to Events, I need to change the template type.
*Please note that a Certificate template of type Test can only be associated with tests in Studio.
Format - Format is the orientation of the certificate either portrait or landscape.
*Note that the format can only be set when you first create the template.
Remember to PUBLISH the appropriate templates to your portal. To do this, simply select the template and click on the "Publish" button. If you do not publish the templates, they will not appear in your Administration menu.
- - Certificates - Administration
Well done. We have created the Certificate Templates and now we just need to assign them to the products in Administration. Again, we will explain everything step by step.
List of all certificates
You can find a list of all created certificates in Products. Here you will find a classic list with information about the name, the template used and the product to which the certificate is linked.

From this view you are able to create a new certificate at any time. We will now describe how to create such a certificate.

In the left corner, click on the Add button. You will then be taken to the very common settings.

You will find here:
Type - here you select which product you want to bind the Certificate to
Product - this menu will only appear after you select the type
Certificate - again the menu will appear after you select the product. Here you choose the Certificate Template (the templates you create in Studio) you want to use
Name - this name is then displayed next to the user profile or in Reporting
Validity - the number of days before the certificate expires

Your settings could look like this:
After saving, the new certificate is displayed in the list. You can Delete this Certificate or even Assign it directly to users without having to study the course yourself.
Product Configuration - Certificate
List of certificate of course is not the only way. This time we'll show you a second way to establish certificate to a specific product. For simplicity, we'll use the same information as in the previous example.

In the course list, we'll find OHS Course. We will open its detail and go to the "Configuration" tab. Here, just check the "Has certificate" option. You will see a menu very similar to the previous example. But now you don't have to select a specific product, as you are already in the product detail. Again, you fill in what template you want, the name that will be displayed and finally the validity.

The resulting setup could look like this for example:

Once saved, this certificate will also be written to the list of all certificates where you can continue to manage it.
Edit reporting - Certificates
Well, it wouldn't be complete if we didn't look at the certificates in Reporting.

The main new features are the columns:
- Total number of certificates
- Number of valid certificates
- Number of certificates issued
- Product linked to certificate
Another change is when creating a new Mini Report and selecting the source Certificates - you cannot re-select the content of this source. However, this is fine and continue to create the Mini Report.
The view still reflects all certificates on the portal.
*Using filters and columns you are able to find certain groups or users.
- Reporting
The long-awaited enhancement to Reporting is finally here. We have optimized loading, refactored calculations, added new columns and improved some views. Let's take a look.
- Reporting - optimization
Optimization was a longer and more difficult process, but it paid off.

The whole process was primarily started for future expansions and scaling to higher data volumes for larger clients. With a more complex group and subgroup structure, the loading of Reporting may have been slower. Now we are able to load these groups several times faster and improve the overall work with Reporting.

We won't bore you with long texts about refactoring calculations, query optimizations and rewriting hundreds of lines of code. In simplicity Reporting is faster and better than ever.
- Reporting - adjusted calculations
We took a look at data calculations in Reporting. We have checked all the data we calculate for you in Reporting. We have rewritten some calculations, modified others and added new ones. The overall result for you is more accurate data on users, groups and products.
- Reporting - new columns
We've added a number of new columns to help you track new information about certificates, users, events and more across Reporting. We've also enabled a number of columns for other views.

Here's a list of the new and modified columns:

- Test Status
- Completed Courses
- In Progress Courses
- Certificates
- Expired Certificates
- Valid Certificates
- Events
- Registered Events
- Attended Events
Unattended Events
- User Roles
- Course Code
- Course Rating
- Term Location
- Certificate Product
All of these columns can be found across all Reports. You can edit the columns by clicking the button next to the filtering.

We recommend creating your own Private or Public Reports where you can select and sort the columns. You can save the report and use it whenever you need it.
- Reporting - optional content
We have made it possible to create a Mini Report without Content. So now you can select only Source and not select Content and create only one level of view without line breaks.
- Reporting - new event view
We decided that the event display is not intuitive enough and may be more complicated to use. Therefore, we have prepared very nice changes for you.

When creating a Mini Report, you will find a new Source: event dates. So you have new options for your Mini Reports.

โ€Events will now have the same display as Groups and their Subgroups. If you choose Source: Events, you will see a list of all events. You will then find a button in the rows that will take you to the dates of that event. This view is much clearer and more efficient.
- New module - Budgeting
The initial design and programming work on this module is currently underway. It is not possible to estimate the exact start of the work, but we will keep you informed in future news.
- Study tours 2.0
Analytical and design work is ongoing and should help you deliver a much more refined Learning Journey.
- Editing - Categories
Analytical work is also underway here for the first category adjustments that will help you better manage the entire portal.
- - - New external course options
Our programmers are already working on ways to support VR courses in our systems.
- New Academy improvements
We are preparing a number of new views and settings for the Academy. More details in the next News.
We found a few bugs during the week.
- We fixed a bug that could cause the correct logo and localization to not be added to the invoice in the e-commerce module.

- We fixed a bug that caused the steps in the new view in the Academy to be counted incorrectly.

- We fixed a bug that was causing the "List User" option to not display when creating a user.

If you find any issues or have ideas for improvement, be sure to contact the Scormium Support Center to have all your questions answered.
Did you know that Scormium has unique Reporting? In this section, we'll take you back to how to use Reporting 100%
Mini Reports
โ€MiniReports can be divided into 3(+1) types:
Default Reports - this section contains reports that are created by the Scormium team.
Public Reports - only Portal Managers can create this type. Reports are shared with all users on the portal. So you can create a report that is tailored to fit your people.
Private Reports - reports that are yours alone are displayed here. No one else has access to them and you can manage them as you wish.
Favorite Reports - you can add any report to this section by clicking on the star in the top right corner of each report.

For efficient report management, you have the option to duplicate, edit and save each report as your own. So now you can create your own report that suits you.
Mini Reports
โ€Creatingreports is very simple thanks to the step-by-step form.

We will describe the steps:
โ€General - enter the name of the report and the type you want to create (e.g. Public report)
Source - select the main source from which the Reporting is to be created. (e.g. Users)
Content - now that you know the source (Users), you can specify what you want to see for the source. (e.g., Courses and Events)

Summary - this last step is just to validate your selection.
With this, we have created a Public Report where we can see the Users and their Courses with Events.

You can edit, save or delete the reports you create at any time . Managing them is very simple.
Report detail

Top section - here you work with the actions of the whole Report. Edit, save, duplicate and export.
Lower section - the data table itself, which you can edit using filters and columns.
The table displays the Source you have selected. If you collapse the row using the left arrow, you will find all the Content you selected in the form of bookmarks. You can switch between the tabs to see the Contents of the row you have collapsed.
Filtration and columns
โ€Toimprove the search for information in the table, you can filter the results according to specific requirements or add and edit columns.
Filter - after clicking on the "Filter" button, you will see a menu of tabs in which you can specify what results you want to see. The filters can be freely combined. So you can filter a group and a specific course at the same time.
Column selection - here you can sort the columns and turn them on or off at will. The column menu has been added in this version.
*You can only change columns if you are the owner of the Report.

Here's a tip: Duplicate a report you don't own and you will be the owner - now you can edit it yourself.
To avoid having to set up filters and columns again each time, you can click the "Save Report Status" button at the top. At that point, all the settings of the Mini Report will be saved and whenever you reopen it, you will see your view with filters and columns there.

You may find our detailed explanation of this module helpful Support teamwho can help explain everything you need to know.

โ€If youhave any problems or questions about anything, again, feel free to ask our Support team, who are willing to help you in any way to set up the system.
What comes to mind when you hear the word April? April, graduation, Easter, Scormium news, Scormium is so awesome, I love Scormium, ...? All these words also came to mind, what a coincidence.
- - - New changes in... Studio!?
We're fully aware that Studio doesn't get tweaks and changes that often, so we thought we'd change that. Well, at least for now for April...

We've made three changes to Studio:

- Completely new view for creating lesson presentations
- Improved test display

- Improved exports and display of scale questions in questionnaires

These changes have been made in Studio, but you'll feel a lot of them in Administration and Academy. Let's break them down a bit more one by one.
- "New" presentation lesson
This change was already mentioned in previous updates and now you can try it out for yourself.

Creating a presentation lesson in Studio is now much easier thanks to the new view. The main change is the creation of slides. These are now on the left side of the screen and we have placed a new editor on the right. You may be very familiar with the layout from PowerPoint, for example. The Presentation Lesson will continue to be developed and improved.

โ€If you
have any questions or find any problems with the Presentation Lesson, please do not hesitate to contact our Scormium Support Center.
- Improving tests
We have improved the display of test answers in the Administration again. Now you can see all answers completely regardless of the question type.
- - Questionnaire improvements
On the Academy's homepage you can now add a new section - Split Courses. In this section, users will see the last 4 courses they are currently studying.
*This option can be added in the Academy settings. Settings โ†’ Pages โ†’ Home โ†’ Show Split Courses section
- Crumbs in Reporting
It wouldn't be news if we didn't mention Reporting. This time really quick.
- Modified access to reporting filters based on role(You won't even feel this change)
- In the Courses filter you will find a new menu for selecting Learning Paths
Optimization and minor fixes

You will soon see a major optimization of data loading.
Thanks to confidential internal sources, we have received exclusive information that the new loading has exceeded all expectations. It's going to be so fast, it will make Vin Diesel's hair stand on end! The loading speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s. If we assume that Reporting is in a vacuum. So it's a little less, but still very fast...
- Colleagues
We have added a new opportunity to see your colleagues within the Academy. This functionality is very simple. If a user is in a given group, they will see all other users in the same group/structure as their direct colleagues.

This will for example show up in the Academy in events, where the user can simply look at the list of their colleagues who have also registered for an event.

The important thing is of course to enable this functionality and set it up correctly.

First the individual groups must be set up in the Administration. You will now find the "Configuration" tab in the group details. Here you will find a checkbox that allows you to set all users in a given group/structure as colleagues.
- If enabled in the Organizational group, the entire structure will automatically be set as collegial.
- If you set only the User group as collegial, only that group will have this setting.
- Course Card Configuration
We know that the adjustment of the Academies is a very sensitive subject and everyone prefers it a little differently. We will now give you the option to customize the course cards to your exact needs.

We have added a few things, but you can find them all in one place.
*This option can be added in the Academy settings. Settings โ†’ Pages โ†’ Course Card

- You can now set the information in the corners of the card that you want yourself. The setup is very simple, where you just choose from a menu what you want to display in that corner.
- The gamification element is also a new thing you will find with the card. When you turn this on, the card will display the text "Complete the course first and you have a badge".
*Please note that this text will only appear if you have a gamification trigger linked to the course

- Social learning elements are slowly starting to appear across Scormium. A new feature that can be enabled on the course tab is the ability to see how many people have completed the course.
- Course Highlight and Events
Among other new features we add the Highlight product option. You will now be able to simply "highlight" a few courses and events for users in the Academy.
*This option can be added in the Academy settings. Settings โ†’ Pages โ†’ Home Page

This option even offers sequential highlights. You set the start date and the number of days after which the product should switch to the next in the sequence. You are thus able to set a one-time long-term sequence and do not have to change products manually.
- New module - Budgeting
This brand new module is fully analyzed and designed by our team. It is currently in the queue of the development team. To give you a better idea, we will share some secret information from the development. Shhh

Budgeting will primarily be used to record costs associated with education. The whole Budgeting works on the principle of distributing virtual credits to different types of envelopes.

There are 4 types of envelopes:
- Portal
- User
- Group
- Custom
You are able to send credits to these envelopes and redistribute the budget you set to users and groups. In the envelopes, you can also create arbitrary costs from these credits.

So you can go into a user's envelope at any time and register a new expense (e.g. for a course they have requested). The amount you have entered in the expense will be deducted from their credit balance that their envelope has.
Additional information on Budgeting
Furthermore, the secret information file is now encrypted and we cannot provide you with further information, but we will try to bring you further details next time. The last bits and pieces we have been able to find in the file are leaked drafts of this module...
- Study tours 2.0
Yes, it's here. Even Study Tours can't avoid it. Analytical and design work is currently underway to create new and better Learning Paths. The scope will be similar to that of Reporting 2.0. New design, new functionality and preparation for future major expansion. At the moment we are still at the beginning, but we can already reveal that you can look forward to new types of features in the Learning Path. We'll bring you more and more detailed information in future updates.
- Editing - Categories
In our team, we decided that we needed to take a look at Categories. We're going to give them a total makeover and make them behave better, but don't worry - we're thinking about every client we have and the new look of the categories will suit everyone.
- Reporting
As we have already written here, very soon we will put into your hands many times faster Reporting. You can look forward to it, we have pocketbooks for the competition.

We have optimized all load times. In particular, we focused on loading groups, which was a bit slower with large amounts of data. The new loading is significantly faster.
- - - New external course options
The times are moving forward, we are moving even further. We are currently exploring new course options and technologies to support our system. The new thing we plan to support in the near future is VR courses. We will bring you more information soon.
- Minor incremental improvements
Scormium is our own child, so we have to gradually teach him to walk, ride a bike and eventually drive a car. We don't want to leave anything to chance and are gradually preparing him for the big roadtrip. That's why we regularly make adjustments, corrections and optimizations for the ideal development of Scormium.
Even Scormium has some ailments. Yes, we're shocked too...
- We fixed a bug that caused a manager to not see all of his groups in the reporting.

- We fixed a bug that caused events without any deadline to not show up in requests.

- We edited the questionnaire and test exports. They now display as they should.

- We have fixed the results of questionnaires to correctly display the result for an open question.

- We have fixed a bug that could cause an inactive user to be imported to an event.

- We have fixed a bug that caused system alerts to not display correctly in Slovak and French localizations.

- We have fixed a bug that was causing comments management for courses to display incorrectly.

If you find any issues or have ideas for improvement, be sure to contact the Scormium Support Center for answers to your questions.
Did you know that Scormium has different name variations thanks to our clients ?

We've already come across:
- Scornium
- Scronium

- Scormum

- Scormam

- Scormumu

- And many more...

We're happy for every creative client who has entertained us in this way.

In the next newsletter we'll focus on Reporting, which we'll discuss a bit more. In the next newsletter, you'll have something to look forward to again.
If you have any problems or questions about anything, again, feel free to ask our Support team, who are willing to help you in any way they can with setting up the system.
We bring you more news that shakes the very foundations of Scormium. Hold on to your hats, here comes the new design...
- New design, new and stronger Scormium
Remember the announcement that you would see the new design in mid-February March? It's finally here and even on time, just as it was written... You can notice the new administration design at a glance. The biggest change is definitely the left side menu, which has changed both its appearance and behaviour. The new menu is modern, but above all scalable for future development of the whole system. We firmly believe that you will quickly come to love the new menu.

Some sections have been moved for better navigation.

- Groups have been moved to users

- Events, tutorials, guides, questionnaires and tests can now be found in products

At the same time all action buttons have been moved from the menu . You will now find action buttons above the tables of each section. This display should allow you to navigate more quickly over the actions you want to perform on the table.
Other changes can be found throughout the system:

- New buttons

- Modified tables

- Menu box

The changes are primarily a starting point for improving the user interface throughout the administration. We believe that even though the changes will take some getting used to, these changes are the right step to improve the Scormium environment.

We would be happy for any feedback you may have.
- New event variants
We have added a new view for events. Now you can see the event status as an overlay on the image.
*This option can be overridden in the Academy settings. Pages โ†’ Events tab โ†’ Option2
- Video maximization
We've tweaked the video maximization in the courses a little bit again. This change only applies to courses that are created in Scormium Studio.
- New section - Split courses
On the Academy's homepage you can now add a new section - Split Courses. In this section, users will see the last 4 courses they are currently studying.
*This option can be added in the Academy settings. Settings โ†’ Pages โ†’ Home โ†’ Show Split Courses section
- Badges
The badges have been given a minor appearance improvement in the form of the name and date of acquisition.
- Questionnaires and tests
Thanks to the new design, we were able to improve the display of questionnaire and test results. We have also updated the export of these products, which is now much clearer.
*Remember that the Questionnaires and Tests can now be found in the Products section.

If you have any questions about Questionnaires or Tests, please feel free to contact our Scormium Support Center.
- - - "Subtle" improvements
Adjustments to Scorpio are also taking place behind the curtain. They may not be as visible, but they are just as important as the rest. We're talking about improving the back-end environment. Load optimization, user authentication, how platforms communicate with each other, and other adjustments that help Scormium work more efficiently.
- New module - Budgeting
Work on Budgeting is still going on intensively. At the moment we cannot give you more details about this module, but we can tell you that it is now in the analysis and design phase. We hope that you will find out more about this module in future newsletters.
- Reporting
Work continues on reporting. At the moment we are planning to modify and improve the code to make the reporting ready for further expansion. Optimization of data retrieval, data calculation and database preparation for additional values will be done.
- Evaluation of tests
You can look forward to improved test scoring in the very near future. You will now be able to score automated questions yourself. This feature may be useful if you want to give credit to a user for a different answer or add a comment to their answer.
- Presentation lesson
Another improvement concerns the Studio after a long time. The Presentation Lesson gets a new look and feel. The main change will be the creation of slides. They will now be located on the left side of the screen, and on the right side there will be a new editor. You may be very familiar with this layout from, for example, PowerPoint. We believe that this change will make creating Presentation Lessons very enjoyable.
- New modules and improvements
Analytical work is underway to determine which modules and enhancements will be a priority for further development. More information in the following news. Don't miss this.

If you have any questions about future modules, please feel free to contact our Scormium Support Center.
Even Scormium has some ailments. Yes, we are also shocked...
- We fixed a bug that could cause multiple notifications to be sent after a request was created.

- We fixed a bug that could cause the wrong number of available licenses to be displayed after purchasing a course in the
e-commerce module.
- We fixed a bug that could cause an unlocked event to still show as locked.

If you find any issues or have an idea for improvement, be sure to reach out to the Scormium Support Center for answers.
Did you know that Scormium has Requests? You may find this functionality useful as a way for users to submit requests for courses and events directly from the Academy. Need something outside of Scormium? No problem, just choose an unspecified request and fill in everything you need.

Requests is a module that allows users to request anything in the Academy. The request is sent to the user's supervisor or Request Manager, who has access to all requests. To simplify the communication between the requester and the approver, there is an option to use a simple chat for each request.
Our Support team will be able to help you set up this module and explain the details.

If you have any problems or questions about anything, again, feel free to ask our Support team, who are willing to help you in any way they can.
Finally, your favourite news is back, and even with a new concept. More than one person is holding their breath about what this year will bring, so let's waste no more time and get to it.

We'll quickly explain what's changing here in the news.
The whole news will be imaginatively divided into sections. These sections will cover the most important things, and each will list the details, as we wrote earlier.

In this section you will find all the changes you will encounter in Scormium. You will learn what has changed and how the change works.

Scormium Lab
This section is for the eager. Here you can find out what the Scormium Team is working on and what you can look forward to in the future.
Bug Fix
, even Scormium isn't perfect. We're just as shocked as you are. Find out what all has been fixed here.
โ€You knewthat, right?
โ€ Undiscovered
corners of Scormium that no one has ventured into or hints and tips. You'll find all this out.

Other features you'll find useful to help you navigate the news is the color breakdown. Individual texts will have a coloured dot at the beginning. The dot will tell you which area in Scormium it refers to.

- Administration

- Academy

- Studio

The last element is a summary of the entire Release Notes. We know you'll be happy to read the news all the way through, but we'll always give you a summary of the most important things that happened at the beginning.
- Infographic
To give you a better idea of what users are actually studying, we've added an infographic detailing all the Courses and Events in the Academy. The infographic will help to navigate more quickly, and also tell the user whether they will receive a certificate or gamification reward for that course .
- Sticky "pinned" header
You will now see a "pinned" header in the Academy. As you scroll through the page, the top header will snap to you and you will have access to all sections no matter how far you have scrolled.
โ€*This option can be turned off in the Academy settings.
- System user
The option to click a user as a system user has been moved from the user details to the Scormium Team administration environment. Now only a Scormium team member can set the system user . This was done to make the portal administration more secure and clear.

If you have any questions about this modification, please feel free to contact our Scormium Support Center.
- Reporting enhancements
Reporting has again undergone regular modifications to improve data display and calculation. We are working on reporting continuously and whenever we can.
- - - "Subtle" improvements
Adjustments to Scorpio are also taking place behind the curtain. They may not be as visible, but they are just as important as the rest. We're talking about improving the back-end environment. Load optimization, user authentication, how platforms communicate with each other, and other adjustments that help Scormium work more efficiently.
- Switching to Vue3
We know it may not sound that epochal at first, but, what if we told you that you'll see a redesign of the Scormium administration as a result ?

You'll probably see the changes in the next update, and we'll at least give you an idea of what it will all involve to start with.

โ€Sidemenu - the side menu is a bit of a bugbear that has been haunting us for a long time, so we decided to get rid of it. The new menu will be modern, fresh, and ready for future Scormium expansions.

โ€Actionbuttons - these buttons were non-standardly placed in this particular haunted menu, this will be changed for good. You will now only find the action buttons above the tables. This is a much more common display, so we believe you will now find it more intuitive to use.

โ€Tables - this section has undergone a minor redesign of the display. The table functions will be improved over time with better filtering options, but maybe next time.

โ€Components - across the administration you will also gradually see new components, which will be added to the whole system over time.

The new view is not quite complete yet and this is only the beginning of the redesign. Over time you will see new tables, new components, detail views or even a new dashboard for example.
These changes are quite drastic, so we want to dose them gradually so that everyone gets used to them with confidence.
- Reporting
Work continues on reporting. At the moment we are planning to modify and improve the code to make the reporting ready for further expansion. Optimization of data retrieval, data calculation and database preparation for additional values will be done.
- New module - Budgeting
Another module that will now be developed is the Budgeting module . The module is currently at the very beginning of development, so we do not have detailed information for you yet.

Budgeting will be used primarily for tracking education costs. It will be possible to set individual budgets for users, set costs for events, and then track all of this in reporting.

If you have any questions about this or future modules, please feel free to contact our Scormium Support Center.
Even Scormium has some ailments. Yes, we're shocked too...
- We fixed a bug that caused the
VAT values in the e-commerce module to not update.

- We fixed a bug that caused users to be created without
specifying a default language.

- We fixed a bug that caused two
action menus to be displayed over each other. - We fixed a bug that could cause the study path to miscalculate the progress.

- We fixed a bug that caused the homepage video to not open.

- We fixed a bug where certain browsers had a problem in overlapping modal windows.

- We've edited the global classes in the Academy for better optimization and editing.

- We've edited the display of unpublished event dates in reporting.

If you find any issues or have ideas for improvement, be sure to contact the Scormium Support Center for answers to your questions.
Did you know that Scormium has Featured Courses? This functionality can be useful as a non-violent way to show users what they can still study on a topic.

Recommended Courses are visible in the Academy in the course details, so the user can easily switch to courses from the same topic with one click.
The setup is very simple. Simply go to the course details in the administration, select the "Recommended Products" tab and from there just add the courses you want to be displayed to users within that course.

If you have any problems or questions about Recommended Courses, again, feel free to ask our Support team who are willing to help you in any way to set up the system.
Free time, Christmas cheer, New Year, ... just a moment. Fortunately, we know of something even better. We have an update. The update that brings you Reporting 2.0
โœ… Reporting 2.0
First, a little drama. If you are not a fan of heart-warming stories about how an ordinary reporting becomes a hero of the e-learning world, please skip this part...
We worked very hard on reporting. Arguing, redrafting, testing and re-testing... (3 times). It was all worth it. Our team is confident that we have created a Reporting that exceeds all expectations. We have decided to dose this change gradually to you, but also to our team. In this update you will find for example Report dashboard, report creation, private reports...I guess it's time to break it all down in detail.
Reporting - Dashboard
Most often we have heard that Reporting is too complex, cumbersome and unclear. So this was the main task to improve. The solution? Mini reports. You will now find a new dashboard in the Report section that contains 3(+1) sections with these Mini Reports.

- Default Reports - This section contains reports that are created by the Scormium team. The most basic reports can be found here.

- Public Reports - only Portal Managers can create this type of report. Reports are shared with all users on the portal. So you can create a report that is tailored to your people.

- Private Reports - reports that are yours alone are displayed here. No one else has access to them and you can manage them freely.

- Favorite Reports - you can add any report to this section by clicking on the star in the top right corner of each report.

For efficient report management, you have the option to duplicate, edit and save each report as your own. So now every user can create their own report that suits them.
Creating a Mini Report
Now that you know what types of reports exist, it's time to explain how to create them. Creating reports has been made much easier with the step-by-step form.

- General - Enter the name of the report and the type you want to create(e.g. Public Report)

Source - Select the main source from which the Reporting is to be created.(e.g. Students)

Content - Now that you know the source (Students) you now specify what you want to see for the source.(e.g. Courses and Events)

Summary - This last step is only to validate your selection.

With this we have created a Public Report in which we can see the Students and their Courses with Events. You can edit, save or delete the reports you create at any time. Creating them is very simple. If you don't remember everything, that's okay. We know that managing such a robust system isn't easy, so we've added new explanations and information to make sure you always know what you're doing. Now all that's left to do is try creating your own report.
Reporting - Detail
The most significant change that has been made in Reporting is the definitive nesting of only two levels. If you remember correctly, in the old Reporting you could nest multiple levels within a single record. You can no longer do that in the new Reporting.
This feature has been modified to only have a second level in which you can switch within tabs. The modification was necessary for simplicity and most importantly for better clarity in the spreadsheet. With this change, we have achieved that within one Report you are able to see all available information for a user just by switching tabs.
At the top of the report you can notice...actually almost nothing. Yes that's right, we've cleaned up the top section a lot and you'll really only find the most important things. Primarily you can filter the table here thanks to the filtering that has already appeared in previous updates. In the top right section you will find new action buttons for editing, duplicating, saving changes and exporting data.
Reporting - other plans
Reporting 2.0 is finished. But we already have plans for Reporting 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 ... we certainly can't tell you what else is in the pipeline. But you can definitely look forward to these enhancements:

- Sharing private reports

- Dashboard inside report details

- Visual enhancements to report details

- Planned report exports

- Much more...

Be sure to keep an eye out for more reporting plans.

This was mostly the basics to get you oriented to the new reporting. We know that this change is one of the biggest that has taken place so far and we are aware that it can be a lot of information at once. So we ask for restraint and patience with learning all of these changes. We believe that this change will fundamentally change the use of Reporting for the better, so we would appreciate any feedback, criticism, or even praise you may have now.
โœ… Modifications to the Academy
As we've written in previous newsletters, changes to the Academies are slowly and surely being made so that the changes don't affect the unique designs, but still help users feel more comfortable in the Academies.
โœ… Recommended courses
We are now showing recommended courses inside the Academy details. You can set recommended courses in the LMS for each course.
โœ… Edit detail view
You can now find the completion progress and completion date of the course directly under the title in the details. We have also moved the description below the image
โœ… Bug fixes and improvements
We've also fixed a few bugs and are gradually upgrading each component to the latest version of Vue.js 3. You'll find these components throughout Scormio.
What's coming up?
Improvement and planning
We plan to improve these new features in the new year. At the moment we can't tell you exactly what is planned, but you will get the New News in January. We like this concept very much ourselves and would like to take it up another level. We hope that you will continue to subscribe to the Scormium News next year and look forward to a regular dose of Scormium information.

As far as developments go, we'll bring you detailed information on what to look forward to in 2023 in our first newsletter in January, in which we'll be discussing the new concept of the news and what you can expect. All we can reveal is that you can look forward to newly modified components across the LMS from the beginning of the year. You're going to love it.
The end of the year won't stop us. We're going 120%
โœ… Locking and unlocking
Unlocking and locking is a brand new functionality in Scormiumย . The principle is very simple. You can lock a course or an event for all users in the Academy, and then they can't access its content until you unlock the course or event again. If you've been reading all the news honestly, you'll know that we have a request module that works perfectly with this new functionality. So, users can request access to locked courses and events, you then assign them and that's it. Only users who you have assigned a course to or registered for an event date will be able to access the content.
This is just the beginning of this functionality. We have many extensions in the pipeline, such as: time-based or conditional unlocking/locking. But that's for next time...
โœ… Edit groups
The deployment of the new groups was successful and without any problems! We have already come up with further improvements for these groups to make them even easier to work with. We will do everything we can to make sure you will see them in the next update. To recap, here's a summary of the changes that have been made to the Groups:

- We've not only changed the behavior of the groups to overwrite all the data from the bottom groups to the top groups, but we've also changed the overall look of the groups.

- We are using two types of groups, namely Organizational Group and User Group.

You can only add other organizational groups or user groups to an organizational group. Each course assigned to this group will automatically be assigned to all users in its structure.

- You can only add users to a User Group.
Each course assigned to this group will automatically be assigned only to users in its structure.
โœ… Adding properties
Scormium is growing and so is the amount of information you can see. We've decided to make it easier for you with the infographic you can now find next to the course and events.
โœ… Adjustments to the Academies
We are fully aware that Scormium is not just an administration environment, but that even the majority of users are consuming content. So we decided to gradually improve the Academy. We know that each of our customers has a unique Academy look and feel, and we certainly don't want to disrupt that. Our goal is just to improve the common elements. For example, ratings, which will now more accurately reflect how much a course is liked, comments for better communication or the overall look of the course information for users. Believe me, we would publish a whole book series about all the changes we are planning for you, so we'd better start slow and careful to make it worthwhile. Some small adjustments have already come in this update, so let's take a look at that.
โœ… Reviews
Ratings now have a simpler design and are displayed in the top left corner of courses and events. Across the entire Academy.
โœ… Pinned files for the course
You can now add the necessary downloadable materials to the course. For example, users can now download a PDF to help them complete the course.
โœ… Filtration - My courses
In the section with your assigned courses, we have improved the filtering options through categories. You can now tag multiple categories at once.
โœ… New participant views
For simplicity, we have decided to display the list of attendees at the event differently. Clicking on the number of users will display the full list of attendees.
โœ… Adjustments and repairs
We've added several localizations, fixed bugs and made other minor adjustments to improve the Academy experience. More improvements are slowly making their way into the hands of our programmers and we think you will be very pleasantly surprised.
Mobile applications
โœ… Dummy pictures
We have added Dummy pictures to the mobile app. In short, if you don't have any image set for a product, white blank images will not be displayed, but will be replaced by our universal ones.
โœ… Changing your profile picture
Speaking of changing your picture, you can now change your profile picture in the mobile app. Trust us, it'll come in handy for the next update.
โœ… Leaderboard
Leaderboard has undergone a minor modification in user loading. Now you will not load all users at once, but only the first 20. There is also an option to load additional users. Changing your profile picture has never been more important, you want to be seen in the first 20.
โœ… Two-factor authentication
To improve login security within your organization, we've added a two-factor login option. To use two-factor, first activate it on the Web Academy.
What's coming up?
Completion, improvement, planning
We want to prepare as many updates as we can for you before the end of the year. You can look forward to tweaks to the Academies, even better groups, a gradual transition to newer Vue.js technologies, and even the first phase of the new Reporting.At Scormium, we're fully committed to improving and taking Scormium to the next level, and we have much more in store for you next year. We'll talk about what's coming up in the next and last news of the year.
Reporting - update
We work day and night on reporting. We know it's a very important part of Scormium and that's why it's our number one priority. As you may have read in previous newsletters, reporting will undergo a massive redesign from design to logic.
There's still a lot of work to do, but we're proud to say that we'll deliver the first phase of the new reporting later this year!
Reporting is one of the most complex customizations our team has ever gotten to, so we want to be confident in every step, design and code we make. Thank you for your patience and understanding. The reporting we deliver will exceed all expectations.

We have successfully deployed the first version of the LMS and Studio integration and from now on, some of the customizations in Scorpio will be easier and finally doable.You can look forward to role management, certificates, easier content creation and a clearer interface.
โœ… Logic of groups
We have changed the behaviour of the groups for clearer reporting. In short, all data from the lower groups are written into the upper groups. We will also change the UI of the groups. You can see the preliminary design proposal below.
โœ… Filter in events and tags
We've added a filter for the type of date (online or in-person) and a color tag to the event details for easier orientation.
โœ… Modify filter in reporting
We went through all the reporting settings and merged them into one filter. Now you will be able to filter everything from one place.
โœ… Export of subgroups in reporting
We have improved the export of subgroups in reporting to Excel. From now on, the export will also respect nesting into subgroups.
โœ… Supervisor and subordinate
We have made an adjustment so that the supervisor can also see his indirect subordinates. We have also added the ability to filter by supervisor for both users and reporting.
โœ… Filtration - reporting
With the new filter, you will be able to filter for a specific course or category, for example, and all data in the reporting will be recalculated accordingly.
โœ… Adding and removing users from groups
Do you have multiple tagged users at once and want to bulk assign or remove them from groups? We've added an indicator of how many of the tagged users are in which group.
โœ… Bug fixes
When adding new functionality to Scormium, we have to stop and go back to the things we need to fix. We've fixed category loading, the problem with inactive users in an event or view edits, and much more.
Mobile applications
โœ… Manuals
Just as we've added tutorials, we've also added manuals. Now we'll be able to view documents on the mobile app.
โœ… Shifting and filtration
We've added options to filter by tags, categories, and even sort by title or date added.
โœ… Saved language
When you log in to the academy via the mobile app, your default language is loaded, and when you change your language, the app remembers your choice.
โœ… Bugs and optimizations
We have optimized data loading and fixed other bugs and deficiencies.
What's coming up?
We are constantly working on improving reporting, from optimizing it to simplifying its use. Thanks to the changes mentioned above, we're one step closer to this major overhaul. Below, we've provided a preview of a few images of what the new reporting might look like.You can look forward to a simpler interface with preconfigured reports along with a new reporting tool, scheduled exports, or even simplified reports right in the Academy where senior users can see their subordinates. We have a lot more to look forward to.
โœ… New editor
We mentioned in the last newsletter that we will be adding a new lesson content editor to Scormium Studio. The hard work has paid off and we already have the new Editor implemented! Creating lessons will now be easier, more intuitive and easier to work with.
The editor is currently only for content lessons, but we plan to extend it to certificates, presentations and tests in the future.
Of course, the editor is still under development, so we would appreciate any feedback in the form of ideas, improvements, or reporting a problem.
All existing lessons will still be editable in the old editor but new lessons will only be created in the new one.
โœ… Connecting LMS and Studio
We have successfully deployed the first version of the LMS and Studio integration into the test environment and it will be actively tested.
โœ… Email templates
You will now be able to customize the password reset template, which is no longer just in English.
โœ… Help Button
We've added a help button in the bottom right corner, where you can find a link to our support center, the latest news, and in the future an interactive tour or a link to our knowledge base.
โœ… Easier navigation
Users who have access to the Studio will no longer need to log in to the Studio through the LMS, but will find the login button after clicking on their profile in the Academy.
โœ… Uploaded file size
Do you use tutorials or have a video uploaded to your Academy homepage? Now you will be able to upload an mp4 file even with a size of 100 MB
โœ… Default preset filter for sorting in the Academy
In the last update we added the ability to sort products. Now you will be able to set which sorting will be preselected for which part of the Academy in the Academy settings.
Mobile applications
โœ… Optimization
We have optimized the loading of courses in the My Courses section. Even with a larger number, they will load faster.
โœ… Tutorials
We have added a new section, the Tutorials section. Now you will be able to watch tutorials via the Scormium mobile app.
What's coming up?
Last time, we surprised you with a new layout of element details, getting rid of the right sidebar. Now we're going to make another layout change by changing the left menu and moving all the action buttons to the top bar. We'll then be able to add buttons for bulk actions, and again we'll be one step closer to the new Scorpio 2.0.
SCORM technology is getting old and the time when we could only track the beginning, the end and if it's completed for courses is coming to an end. We are trying to move with the times and that is why we have decided to go the way of xAPI and CMI5 technology. It's the same technology as SCORM, but it will allow us to process a lot more information about the course such as time spent in the lesson, user movement in the course, exact answers to questions without using our tests or even embedded gamification. We have begun the analysis and implementation of this technology so that we can deliver it to you as soon as possible.
Future development of Scormium
We want to push Scormium further and further and with that comes new challenges in the form of new modules such as certificates, questionnaires, budgeting or even talent & skill. We are currently analyzing these modules in order to be able to process them and then develop them in the best possible quality and to the greatest extent.
โœ… Side menu
Scormium will gradually be getting a second face of Scormium 2.0, and as a first step towards this change, we've gotten rid of the sidebar that primarily represented user and product details and replaced it with a full-screen detail.
โœ… Student detail
Along with the new detail, we've added a new element called "Notes" for the student. You will then be able to write a personalized note for each student.
โœ… Optimization
We know that with larger amounts of data, some operations may take longer than desired. That's why we've sped up adding students to groups and assigning courses 10x!
โœ… Uploading Scorm packages
We've optimized uploading and replacing Scorm packages and added new error messages. Now even larger packages can be uploaded and Scormium will notify you if the package is incorrect.
โœ… Guide
New users will be welcomed to Scormio with an interactive tour that will take them through the entire system and familiarize the user with its functionality. The tour will be in the Academy section as well as in the LMS. The tour will be gradually added and categorized and its official launch will be any moment now!
โœ… 2FA
Because we care about your privacy and security, we have worked on the ability to set up two-factor authentication. This customization is pre-made and you can expect to see it fully rolled out in the coming weeks.
โœ… Search the Academy
We've also added searching through Events to the Academy's global search.
โœ… Change product order
You'll now be able to sort courses, events, tutorials and guides in the Academy by newest, oldest, A-Z or Z-A.
โœ… Navigation
We have added a simple navigation to the LMS that makes it easy to get to the Academy or Studio.
Mobile applications
โœ… Notifications
One of the last features we missed in the mobile app was notifications. That's why we've been working on completing them. Later we will improve them with push notifications
โœ… Events
Search, filtering, term selections or layout improvements and more. These are things we've added to the Events module.
โœ… Improvements
We have optimized several screens and removed bugs to make it more enjoyable to use.
What's coming up?
Currently, the development of Scormium has slowed down a bit for several reasons. The first reason is that every modification we make in Scormium is simultaneously rewritten to the latest version of .NET 6. This move will allow Scormium to work a little faster with the latest technology.
Approval workflow
The first version of the new Approval Workflow module will be available in Scorpio, allowing your employees, clients and partners to request a course, an event date or even a personal request. All requests will go to the requestor's direct supervisor or to a new role called Request Manager. We will continue to work on and improve the new module in the coming weeks.
Comprehensive reporting is one of the main parts of Scormium and it is this functionality that differentiates us from our competitors. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to use, so we decided to improve it!You can expect new reporting in the near future.
Connecting LMS and Studio
Those of you who have been with us for a long time will know that we have mentioned several times that in order to make something work, we need to connect our 2 applications LMS and Studio. The last 4 and a half months have been challenging, but in the next few days we will be testing an initial version of this linking. This opens the door to other possibilities such as easier course creation, portal management or even certificates.
โœ… Study trips
Need to add a course or event to an existing learning path? No problem! Students with this pathway will automatically have their progress recalculated.
โœ… Notifications
We added placeholder for email recipient to email templates - you can distinguish who receives the email (for example lecturer - %RecipientFullName%) and which student/user the content is about (%StudentFullName%)
โœ… SCORM package size
We have increased the capacity for uploading SCORM packages. So you can upload even really big courses.
โœ… Compulsory courses
Students see all required courses in their study path. Those that have not yet been completed are shown as locked for better clarity. And now you will see the same in Reporting.
โœ… Localization
We've fine-tuned the localization across the entire Scormium platform, which we'll be updating regularly.
โœ… Links
After submitting a link to a course or event, the linked product will be displayed after login, not the Home page.
Mobile applications
โœ… Layout
When logging into the mobile app, it sometimes happened that the keyboard overlapped the login window. We've fixed that.
โœ… Filtration
Searching and filtering in Categories and Events works the same as in the web version.
โœ… Dates
We have expanded the amount of information about specific Dates for Events. You will now see both the date, time, and Venue selection. When you select a Venue, the menu of available Dates will automatically update.
โœ… Student registration
You can choose which documents or texts the student must approve when registering for the portal. You can use them, for example, for Terms of Use, consent to the processing of personal data, etc.
โœ… Certificates
Do your students already have certificates from other courses? Upload them to Scormium and keep them in one place. You have unlimited capacity for the number of certificates per student.
โœ… Email settings
In Email Settings, you can fill in the name that will be displayed as the sender of notifications. This will give students a better overview of their emails.
โœ… E-commerce
We have improved all the functions of the e-commerce module: generating invoices, setting prices for courses or events and added another payment gateway option - Comgate. It joined GoPay, CSOB and GP Webpay.
โœ… Reporting
We have removed unused columns and added the user role. You can easily filter for example supervisors. You can save your filters and access them from any device.
โœ… Completion of the course
Did the student click on a different button than they were supposed to or forget the course was open in the browser panel? It doesn't matter. Scormium saves the time and progress through the course.
Mobile applications
โœ… Study trips
Just as you know them from the web app, they are now on your phone
โœ… Login
If you have set the option to log into Scormium using SSO, you can also log in on the mobile version.
โœ… Support
The mobile version of Scormium offers a Support Center - you can write your suggestions and comments directly from the app.
Newly built-in features
โœ… Reporting
You can now view Events in Reporting. Just select Events in the Rows and you can immediately see all the useful information. Do you need to see the participants of the Event? No problem! Add Students to the Row and you'll see all the participants.

Furthermore, reporting was made with minor adjustments to improve and refine the data.
โœ… E-commerce
The big news is the ability to sell Events. Just open the event date detail and set the price. How simple.

We have extended the module with a new Payment Gateway GoPay.
โœ… Gamification
We have added even more triggers for Gamification. You can now reward students for logging in or registering for an event, downloading the manual, and viewing the tutorial.
โœ… Academy settings
It's time to awaken the artist within you. We now offer you to add new pages in the Academy. You can create pages using a simple HTML editor. Do you need to communicate new information or describe your company? The new creation of the site is our answer to all these questions.
โœ… General
Data retrieval has been optimized. Now you can educate yourself a little faster.

We have optimized the uploading of SCORM packages.

The Dashboard section of the LMS has been updated - it now offers a better view for your portal.
Newly built-in features
โœ… Events
We have integrated Google Calendar into the LMS โ€“ if you have individual meeting rooms like Google Calendars, we have added the ability to link these calendars to Scormium. You will see them in the Events location option.

Do you have multiple branches? And more meeting rooms in them? Now you can filter Events in the Academy by the city branch you're interested in by meeting room.

We have expanded the possibilities of working with Event Participants. You can now assign the Event to an entire User group or import the Attendees presence.

When using the built-in conferencing tool, attendance is now recorded automatically.
โœ… Communication
We have improved the possibilities of communication between lecturers and students โ€“ now you can write an email to a student, for example in Events, Students or Groups.
โœ… Webinars
We have enabled the portal managers to work better with student certificates,
for example, downloading or removing them.
Newly built-in features
โœ… Events
We've added the ability to better coordinate events with filtering, the ability to add groups, and a new invitation ๐Ÿ“š system

Display only those Events that interest you โ€“ those that have already taken place, those that are yet to be, only yours or all of them.

We've made it easier to add attendees to Events. Now you'll add them in bulk using Groups.
โœ… Reporting
All data in one place at a glance - we have improved the view of the entire reporting, added more filtering options.
You can easily see Events, Certificates and Compulsory Courses exactly as you need.
โœ… Webinars
News! You can now set up automated attendance enrolments thanks to the ability to set a minimum time(%) of participation in the Webinar.

Lecturers, you do not have any more unpleasant manual work ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Newly built-in features
โœ… Tooltips
We have newly incorporated the so-called "tooltips". These are explanations of specific functions in Scormium. You can find them in the circle with (i) in the middle. The moment you hover over the symbol, you'll see an explanation.
โœ… Calendar invitations
Have you created a full-time course? Invite participants simply through automated invitation distribution directly to email.
โœ… Mobile app ๐Ÿ“ฑ
Scormium in your pocket? No problem. To make the user experience even better, we are creating a mobile application for you. Soon you can look forward to insights into the environment in which you will soon be educating your students.
Newly built-in features
Identity โœ…
We have changed our identity. Scormium in a new coat is out! You can find out more about why we changed our identity and why we chose specific elements and colors in the upcoming article. So keep an eye on the feed here on LinkedIN ๐Ÿ˜Š
โœ… Configure tutorials
You can now assign to specific courses that they are mandatory, that they also belong to a certificate, or you can set up a recurring assignment after your chosen period. Email reminders and notifications can be paired with individual functions.
โœ… Reporting
We have worked on reporting functions. Now it is possible to filter not only by specific lessons, but by whole categories, manuals, instructions, etc..) In the report, you can see how students are doing in each category.
โœ… Localization
In addition to Czech, the Academy is now also localized into English, Slovak, French and German. However, the possibilities are endless. We can localize to your needs. In addition, you can customize the specific localizations yourself according to your wishes.
โœ… Webinar Module
We've added a webinar module that serves as a tool for online transmission of in-person courses for people who work remotely. In the future, in addition to BigBlueButton, we also plan to connect to Zoom, Google meet or Teams.
Newly built-in features
โœ… Questionnaires
In addition to your favorite quizzes, you can now also create questionnaires in Scormium. In real time, you can see an interim evaluation based on the voting of all participants as well as the voting of individuals.
โœ… Activity Logging
For a detailed overview of student activity, we have prepared a function "activity logging" for you. In the overview you can see any akitivity starting from registration, through changing passwords, logging in and activity related to study.
โœ… Course Evaluation
Users can now subjectively evaluate how they liked the course after finishing specific courses, or add a comment.

In addition, the administrator has the option to approve the comments and thus publish them, hide unsuitable ones or even permanently delete them.
โœ… Course detail
The Academy now supports the ability to view a subpage with a specific course detail. Here it is possible to conduct a debate through comments.
โœ… In-face course management
Courses can now be monetized thanks to a full-fledged ecommerce module. In addition, thanks to the well-arranged attendance list, the lecturer can see whether and which students participated.
โœ… Full Screen view
The last no less important change is the ability to display the course in full-screen.
What are we working on right now?
๐Ÿ”ฎ Managing in-person courses (mail notifications & calendar)
๐Ÿ”ฎ Multilingual environment
๐Ÿ”ฎ Advanced Certificate Management
Newly built-in features
โœ… Gamification of Teaching
Motivate your users with fun game elements with competitions, challenges, awards, and wins.
As part of gamification, you can look forward to features such as acquiring new levels, recognitions and other awards and competitions between individual users. You can then compare them with each other in a clear leaderboard.

The administrator has absolute freedom in what awards users can receive, what they will look like and when they will be activated.
โœ… Quizzes - expanding possibilities
The studio offers the possibility of creating several types of quizzes directly into ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

1) Single-choice
2) Multiple-choice
(NEW) Drag&drop
5) Hot-spot

In addition, open-questions offer two evaluation options.

A) Automatic - capturing keywords/terms
B) Manual - evaluates the lecturer directly on the basis of the sent response.
It can also be in document format or video.
โœ… E-commerce module
The Academy now also allows you to sell content including a basket and a full-fledged payment gateway.
โœ… Recommended courses
Based on the course studied, you can recommend similar or follow-up lessons to users.
What are we working on right now?
๐Ÿ”ฎ Questionnaires
๐Ÿ”ฎ Saving Certificates
๐Ÿ”ฎ Full-time courses
These are our first-ever release notes for Scormium. This year we had our hands full with the development of this educational platform and that is why we have postponed the publication of news & changes for an indefinite period ๐Ÿค”

Starting today, you can expect a regular monthly report of newly deployed features and other planned Scormium updates here on LinkedIN, on theย website, and, if you're interested, @emailu.

We perceive Scormium as one educational platform. This platform includes a studio that serves for the creation, distribution and licensing of e-learning, a portal for training and development management and, last but not least, an educational academy for onboarding customers & employees.

You can find out what we have improved for Q1 &Q2 Scormium below.

Studio -

โœ… native course editor
โœ… ability to create certificates
โœ… multilingual environment
โœ… test creation & quizzes

Training Management & Development Portal (LMS)

โœ… creation of study paths
โœ… course ratings by users
โœ… responsible persons

Academy -

โœ… study paths
โœ… tutorial page: video material (Youtube, Vimeo, own..)
โœ… guide page: knowledge base (Pdf.) - free to download

What are we preparing & finishing?

๐Ÿ”ฎ user dashboards
๐Ÿ”ฎ more comprehensive reporting
๐Ÿ”ฎ Gamification & social learning
๐Ÿ”ฎ Live Learning & classroom
๐Ÿ”ฎ offline module
๐Ÿ”ฎ e-commerce
๐Ÿ”ฎ mobile app

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