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Effectively deliver personalized and engaging learning experience to your employees, customers, and business partners.

A collage showcasing various elements of an online learning platform. A woman uses a laptop, while a man wears VR goggles. There are widgets displaying competencies, user activity graphs, educational badges, course recommendations, and the number of logged users-highlighting interactive blended learning and personalized training activities.


All in One Place

Consolidate to a single system for creating, assigning, automating, and tracking your education programs. With Scormium, you can boost productivity and power the future-ready teams.

Multimedia-rich Content

Scormium allows you to include a wide range of educational materials in your study paths, from videos, through presentations, to virtual reality.

Actionable Reporting

With detailed statistics and analyses, you will have a perfect overview of the real business impact of education programs and learner progress.


Do you need to integrate your LMS with your HR systems, ERP, or CRM tools? Or use Microsoft Teams for live training? Scormium is fully compatible with a variety of external tools.

Personalized Design

You can customize the study environment based on your brand visual identity. Together with gamification elements, you will create a place where your students will be happy to return.

Individual Learner Focus

Scormium offers a personalized, intuitive environment with easy management and navigation. The study environment is mobile-friendly and available in multiple languages.


As the number of employees has steadily grown at Tipsport, so have our L&D needs. We chose Scormium as a complex LMS provider to deliver high-quality and effective training solutions for our colleagues. These also include study management and evaluation tools and allow us to develop our own educational content. All our expectations were met while ensuring the compliance and IT security requirements specific to our business.

Case study
Petra Mikóczi
Senior HR Specialist

At Prazdroj, we sought innovative and contemporary methods to educate our customers, leading us to collaborate with Scormium. The synergy of their modern product and their team's professional and agile approach reassured us that we made the right choice.

Case study
Libor Jordán
ON Trade Customer development & B2B2C Teamleader CZ&SK

Linet is embarking on a pilot project to offer educational programs to external customers, partners, and suppliers on a global scale. The Scormium platform has been chosen for this endeavor due to the extensive experience of the Scormium team and the platform's universal scope, effectively meeting the specific requirements of a company of our size.

Case study
Jan Komrska
Linet Academy Manager

Scormium enabled us to integrate our video courses into the LMS portals of major corporate clients, providing them with continuously updated content from the Seduo portal while retaining control over licensing.

Case study
Marcel Hlavina
Product Manager at

We assess our collaboration with the Scormium team positively. We appreciate the flexibility throughout implementation, and especially the customization of the platform and its functionalities tailored to our specific needs. We believe the Scormium platform is a modern and user-friendly solution, which we recommend to other companies seeking an effective tool for managing employee education.

Case study
Petr Cerovsky
Head of HR Management

Scormium fulfills all the criteria for a modern and seamlessly integrable solution. I particularly appreciate its rapid deployment and data migration capabilities. The intuitive interface and user-friendly design made onboarding a quick process, completed within just a few hours.

Case study
Radka Bělohravová
Sr. Director, Global Client Adoption & Insights

Client Care at Its Best

We offer expert support whenever you need it, ensuring the highest level of care and delivered learning solutions.

Expert Advice

We work with clients on analyzing and creating their educational strategy and learning programs.

Training & Support

We provide ongoing product training and support to maximize clients' success and ROI.

Design & Integrations

We work closely with client's IT departments to ensure that all systems are 100% integrated and visually match their corporate branding identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Scormium and LMS systems

What is a LMS and LXP?

LMS stands for Learning Management System, representing a software that allows organizing and managing educational processes. LMS is used in various fields for training employees, business partners, and distributors. LXP is an advanced version of this solution, which includes additional functionalities such as Social Learning, i.e. learning from each other through collaboration, and community interactions.

How do users access Scormium?

Users can be added to the platform either manually one by one, or in bulk. For the latter option, integration with internal corporate systems (such as Active Directory) is possible, or a one-time import (e.g. from a document) can be performed. Alternatively, an open academy can be configured, allowing users to register themselves.

Is Scormium a secure platform?

Our company holds ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, is proud Microsoft Partner. Scormium LMS is also GxP validated, which means that Scormium complies with the exceptionally strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, the platform's stability is regularly checked through penetration tests.

What is the price of Scormium?

It depends on the number of users, as well as the need for integration with your systems and their complexity. For a precise calculation, please contact our sales team.

How long does it take to implement Scormium?

The time required for implementing Scormium depends on several factors, such as the readiness of the organization, requirements for integration with existing internal systems, or requests for designing the academy according to the client's visual identity. The average implementation, which includes a custom domain, courses, and a study environment tailored to the client's visual identity, can be completed within one month.

What is the maximum number of students in Scormium?

Scormium's advantage lies in its scalability. It can adapt to the needs of your company and grow with it. It can effortlessly handle data from hundreds of thousands of users.

What sets Scormium apart from other LMS systems?

Scormium stands out a competitive global solution. It excels in high scalability and its features, including content creation, organizing online and offline events, tracking students' performance, integration with other systems, and excellent customer support.