Case evaluation

Seduo, member of Alma Career group, produces a significant volume of courses, previously exclusively accessible to clients through the proprietary Seduo platform, enabling internal HR staff for direct training and course management. Seduo sought an innovative solution to integrate all its e-learning content into learning portals operated by diverse LMS providers within large companies and organizations. Therefore, it also needed to ensure that the e-learning content would comply with SCORM standards.

The main requirement was to ensure easy distribution of courses to the customers' learning portals. The established approach to e-learning involves exporting educational content into packages in the SCORM standard, which ensures that the content is displayed properly across different learning management systems (LMS).

However, there are several drawbacks to traditional exports to SCORM packages – complex and decentralized uploads of course updates in customers’ LMS portals, and a loss of overview of course usage and compliance with licensing terms. Seduo wanted to avoid these difficulties.

Main requirements:

  • the ability to centrally update e-learning content,
  • setting up course licensing,
  • monitoring and control over content usage.

Scormium solution

Based on the requirements, our team proposed implementing its e-learning platform, Scormium Studio, operated on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This ensures no limitations regarding capacity or location.

The platform operation on a certified cloud guarantees robust data availability and security, regularly verified by penetration tests. Simultaneously, the cloud platform enables centralized distribution of e-learning content to clients’ educational portals and its automatic updates over the internet.

The Scormium platform implementation provides native support for the SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can standards, ensuring compatibility across the LMS educational portals of various providers.

Seduo can set licensing conditions for individual courses in Scormium Studio while maintaining an up-to-date overview of the usage of all courses across individual customers and their educational portals.


Given that the pilot project required custom development and further expansion, it took three months from the moment of assignment until the delivery of the completed Scormium platform for Seduo.

Today, the implementation of Scormium Studio is a matter of a single day. Content creators and distributors can generate the output of their e-learning catalog or get access to Scormium, where they can prepare the catalog themselves. Within a couple of hours, they can thus provide standardized courses to other LMS platforms.

Our team continues to develop and enhance the Scormium platform, adding new features and improvements, all of which are included in the pre-agreed license fee for Seduo.


Seduo team appreciates the easy distribution and updates of e-learning content among its large clientele, facilitating the establishment of long-term relationships. Additionally, Seduo acknowledges the licensing of e-learning in line with their needs and full control over the study and use of courses. From an investment protection perspective, Seduo positively evaluates ongoing platform innovations included in the price.

All jointly set deadlines were met precisely as agreed, without any delays. Any issues the pilot client encountered were resolved within minutes. Thanks to active monitoring, Scormium often detected and resolved them before Sedou team even noticed.

Since its launch, the Scormium platform has been operating in Seduo without any downtime. Customers who source e-learning courses from Seduo for their educational portals are among the largest companies in the Czech Republic and CEE region.

Scormium benefits

3 months to implement

15+ new clients for Seduo

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